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    What Is CBG? A Beginners Guide To Cannabigerol

    Before we take a look at Cannabigerol (CBG) and CBG oil, perhaps we need to understand what its offspring are.

    This is because the well-known cannabinoid compounds of CBD and THC both develop from CBG as the plant matures. 

    CBG is effectively the stem cell, or precursor, that produces these other compounds. How this magical transformation occurs is completely unknown. Truly we have a mystery on our hands, how does CBG become THC and CBD? There must be a doctorate out there for someone to find out how this happens.

    CBD is also known as cannabidiol and is now very well known and widely used around the world by all manner of people to help all manner of problems. It has a remarkably good safety profile so is a low-risk option for helping people who are looking for good health.

    It is non-addictive and does not have the psychoactive effects of its more notorious counterpart, THC. This means you cannot get high taking CBD oil and you are free to drive and operate heavy machinery.

    THC is short for tetrahydrocannabinol. This is the cannabinoid compound that will get you high or stoned and it is currently a controlled substance in the UK. There are areas of the world where THC is now legal such as some of the states of the USA. Canada recently legalized it too.

    Whilst we know that THC may well have important therapeutic effects for some conditions we also know it can lead to feelings of paranoia and anxiety. It must be used with great care and I would always advocate people whose brains and neurology are still developing such as children and young adults should steer well clear of using it unless supervised by a medical professional.

    Whilst some people seek out the psychoactive properties of cannabis as a leisure pursuit for many these effects are simply not desirable. Professional drivers of all kinds cannot have THC in their system and if it was found there they would lose their job. There are other professions where THC is not tolerated either such as the police or professional athletes. 

    There are also those who simply do not enjoy the experience of being under the influence of THC. Taking too much of it can make you feel, temporarily at least, nauseous. In that respect, it has similar properties to taking too much alcohol.

    Both THC and CBD are very widely known and have been well researched although there is still an enormous amount of study required to truly understand the power of these cannabinoids.

    But what of their lesser-known parent? CBG…

    What Is CBG?

    Cannabigerol (CBG) is a cannabinoid compound found in the young hemp/cannabis plant. 

    As the plant matures CBG acts as a stem cell that produces all the other well-known cannabinoids like THC and CBD that are found in a mature plant ready to be harvested.

    The two main ways to obtain CBG for our consumption are by harvesting hemp when it is still young or by breeding strains of the plant that have naturally occurring high levels of CBG in them.

    CBG differs from THC because it cannot get you high. In that respect, it is similar to CBD so is another safe cannabinoid that may provide you with more options if you find CBD is not working for you. 

    However, it works on your body in different ways to CBD.

    So both CBD and CBG are cannabinoids that will not intoxicate you. They also interact with the same endocannabinoid system receptors in your body. These are the cannabinoid receptors commonly known as CB1 and CB2.

    Perhaps the biggest difference between CBD and CBG is that there has been an enormous amount of research into what CBD does and very little into CBG. 

    Typing Cannabidiol into the NCBI search engine for research papers garners 5742 references to CBD. Doing the same with CBG brings up just 488 references. However, I suspect this will change as interest in CBG begins to grow.

    Is CBG The Same As CBD?

    No, it is not, but I suspect there is a crossover in how both of these influence your body. 

    I would argue that it is a safe alternative to CBD that may produce similar effects. It may also produce its own effects. Of course, the key to this is your own experience and I always suggest people listen to their body when they are trying out a CBD or CBG product.

    People often ask me how much CBG or CBD they should take but I’m afraid there is no definitive answer. 

    Taking a natural product is more of an art form than a science. The products may well be underpinned by science in terms of how they are made and what we understand about them but it is your personal experience that should inform you when you try them.

    So listening to your body and how it is changing, or not, is vital to inform you how much to take. The great thing is that both CBD and CBG are nigh on impossible to overdose with so you are free to play around with finding your optimum dose.

    Do also bear in mind that whilst some people see rapid changes others may need a good three months to get the best results so please be patient. 

    It is also the case that using CBD and CBG cannot mask an unhealthy lifestyle. If other factors in your life are causing health issues you must also correct these. This is no different from expecting a drug prescribed by your doctor to make you healthy.

    I have yet to find a health-giving prescription drug. Now CBD and CBG do differ from pharmaceuticals in that they work in harmony with your body rather than pushing it in a direction it does not want to go in but please, tackle your problem from every angle you can.

    I have had interesting discussions with people who grow and manufacture CBG and there is a rather spiritual and/or naturopathic element to their observation of what CBG does. 

    It seems almost as if, when CBD is taken, the body takes what it needs from the extract. This is something I have also noticed with our CBD Release patches. As an osteopath part of my education covered this intriguing element of nature and how our body takes what it needs from natural treatments.

    If the body does not need the treatment then it just drops away rather than causing terrible side effects like some modern pharmaceutical drugs.

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    What Is CBG Used For?

    Our understanding of what CBG may or may not do is truly very limited. There have been some studies but they are merely scraping the surface of a fascinating and wonderfully complex subject matter.

    There is some research showing CBG may reduce inflammation in inflammatory bowel disease.

    It appears to show some promise, along with some other cannabinoids, in treating bladder problems

    It may be the case that CBG is a powerful antibacterial agent and a 2008 study showed a possible ability to kill off the extremely tenacious and difficult to treat (due to being resilient to antibiotics) MRSA.

    There is some evidence that CBG is important in helping treat glaucoma by reducing intraocular eye pressure although this was observed as part of a treatment using full-spectrum medical cannabis. This also contains THC and is only administered by professionals in the allopathic medical system.

    CBG also appears to have some neuroprotective qualities. This means it can protect your nervous system from damage. So further studies are needed into neurodegenerative disorders such as MS and Parkinson’s disease to see if they will respond to CBG. 

    A 2015 study that used mice to investigate CBG as a possible treatment for Huntington’s disease showed some positive results. Of course, translating this into a human study will be far more challenging and complex.

    A study looking at colon cancer in rats drew the conclusion that CBG may help reduce the growth of tumours and cancer cells.

    There is also tentative evidence that CBG may be able to stimulate appetite.

    It is very important to point out that these studies are not definitive answers and much more work is needed before we can understand the potential of CBG. 

    However, because we know it is such a remarkably safe compound it is a low-risk option for possible gains.

    When people ask me will CBG help them my answer is simple, “I do not know but one thing I can say with confidence is that it will do you no harm.” 

    And given that health professionals of all walks of life should start with the maxim, ‘first do no harm’ then CBG is a safe intervention regardless of what we know it may or may not do.

    Is CBG Oil Legal?

    In short: yes, CBG oil is legal.

    CBG products are governed by the same laws as CBD so as long as the THC contents are within legal limits, which means in trace amounts that cannot get you high, then CBG can be sold safely and legally.

    What Is CBG? A Beginners Guide To Cannabigerol 1

    Is CBG Oil Better Than CBD Oil?

    I do not think CBG is better than CBD but it is different. 

    The great thing with having CBG available is that it means there are more options for people who want to try to harness the power of the legal aspects of cannabis. 

    If CBD is not quite doing the job then CBG may help get better effects and of course, as with the Select Blend No. 1 CBG oil that we sell it may well prove to be at its most powerful when blended with CBD oil too.

    Because CBG is so little researched there is enormous potential for science to discover many other uses for it so in that respect we are only at the start of a journey of discovery into what CBG can do.

    In time it may prove to have more uses than CBD but for now, we can be content that this exciting cannabinoid is available for us to try.

    It is yet another safe and low-risk option to test out to see how it works for you. It will do no harm and may well come with lots of benefits.

    Will CBG Get Me High?

    CBG will not get you high. It is not capable of intoxicating you or getting you high or stoned.

    At its best, you may find it lifts your mood but it certainly will not have any psychoactive effects beyond that.

    This means it is safe to use and drive or go to work. It is difficult to isolate if it feels different to using CBD oil but for what it’s worth when I have used it I have noticed I have slept better and had happy dreams! I have heard that this effect may be useful for those who suffer from night terrors.

    Of course, we all have our own sensitivities so some people may notice a strong difference and others may not.

    Does CBG Oil Have Any Side Effects?

    I have not heard of any side effects from taking CBG oil but I suspect it will be much the same as CBD products. Therefore, taking too much too soon may give you loose bowels or a mild headache. 

    This is easily rectified by simply taking less of it and allowing your body to get used to it.

    Some people are so sensitive this might mean taking one drop a day for a few days. As always, listen to your body, it will help tell you what to do by how you feel.

    Could CBG Oil Be The New CBD Oil?

    We are only at the start of the journey with CBG oil so this is an unknown but I am confident we shall gain more understanding of its qualities as it becomes more widely available. It has untapped potential and I have every confidence it will be as potent a product as CBD when manufactured into a quality supplement.

    As ever, be wary of cheap products that promise the earth and do not fall for the other end of the spectrum which is very expensive products pretending to be more than they are.

    The world of cannabinoids is often difficult to negotiate which is why we here at CBD One exist, to be a beacon of honesty and trust in a world filled with charlatans and cynics. If you aren’t sure where to start please get in touch, we offer free advice and support.

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