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    The Promising Benefits Of CBD Oil For Arthritis

    What mental image do you conjure up when you think of arthritis? 

    A knobbly, deformed and inflamed knee joint? Someone with fingers all twisted and bent? It’s not a hopeful picture is it?

    We are repeatedly told that the wear and tear of arthritis is a one way street to pain, degeneration and the inability to do the things we would like to do anymore. 

    For many it becomes a life filled with pain killers and the surgeon’s knife, but much of the doom and gloom is inaccurate and misleading. 

    Arthritis does not have to be such a grim scenario played out with misery and pain. There is much you can do to combat this problem and not only relieve it but conquer it.

    Using CBD oil for arthritis is a worthwhile addition to the nutritional support your body needs to tackle the problem, but let’s first examine arthritis in a little more detail.

    What Causes Arthritis?

    Human beings are not like cars.

    The more you use a car the more it wears out. With our body, however, the more you use it the better it becomes. 

    Arthritis is rarely caused by wear and tear. You only have to look at an elderly woman with terrible, painful twisted hands who has lived a life doing clerical work to realise it was not the clerical work that damaged her hands. 

    There are two processes going on in the arthritic disease state: the process of degeneration and the process of repair.

    It is this process of repair that can cause the deformity as your body attempts to build new bone to keep the joint functioning.

    It is entirely possible to minimise the degenerative phase and maximise the repair phase in arthritis to help your joints repair themselves.

    It may be a slow process, but it can be done.

    So what is causing this problem if it is not wear and tear? 

    One factor is lack of use. 

    Yes, lack of use causes arthritis, not overuse!

    Inside our joint there is a clever fluid called synovial fluid which keeps our joint lubricated, and has a thixotropic quality. This means that when you use the joint the fluid inside it changes from a watery substance to a shock absorbing gel, so using your joints enables them to cope better with being used.

    Synovial fluid is also full of nutrients that nourish and feed our joint, so when you are moving you are washing these nutrients over the surface of your joint helping to keep it healthy.

    There are also a number of types of arthritis that are autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and psoriatic arthritis.

    The autoimmune response of the body basically means your body is attacking itself and this causes the damage to your joints. There are some genetic factors at play here that can leave you more prone to this type of problem but the key is how do we stop our immune system turning upon ourselves?

    Research is now starting to show that dysfunction in the digestive system can be the cause of this type of problem.

    In a nutshell, our gut has a vital role in how our immune system functions and, therefore, when the digestive system works well our immune system works well.

    Therefore, healing your gut is vital by making lifestyle changes, even to the point of removing toxic body care products such as toothpastes and shampoos.

    Acute vs Chronic Inflammation

    We can also get all manner of arthritis and a whole host of other problems from chronic inflammation.

    Chronic inflammation and acute inflammation are very different.

    The acute variant is in response to an injury such as spraining your ankle or tearing a muscle. Inflammation occurs at the site of the injury to repair it. 

    It causes pain to stop you doing more damage and rushes an immune system response to the injury to eat away the damage and build new tissue to repair the injury.

    Chronic inflammation, on the other hand, is an invisible killer that causes severe health problems and chronic disease for countless millions around the world. Unfortunately it has been neglected or perhaps just plain missed by the medical system for decades.

    Chronic inflammation is a low grade, long term inflammation of your body that occurs because, for whatever reason, your body is being slowly poisoned.

    This can be caused by our environment, high stress or, especially in the western world, our diet. 

    This form of inflammation is an important factor in damage to your joints hence it is a significant factor in arthritis. So when you are told you have wear and tear please be aware that it is almost certainly not that and far more likely to be slow damage caused over many years, particularly from your diet!

    You are being encouraged by processed food manufacturers to eat a bizarre diet that is totally at odds with what your body needs and it is slowly poisoning you.

    It takes time to destroy a joint with the constant damage and repair cycle that goes on with arthritis. Thus the results of chronic inflammation, which is for many simply chronic food poisoning, only begin to show as we get older. That means it is easy to brush off the reason it is happening as ‘old age’.

    Sadly I have seen some very cynical practice going on around lifestyle changes for chronic inflammation that mean most people feel condemned to a life of long term use of painkillers and medication with all the terrible side effects and risks involved.

    What doctors should be suggesting is changes to your diet, exercise, stress reduction and generally good health behaviour.

    All of these measures will reduce chronic inflammation.

    How Do You Treat Arthritis?

    To tackle arthritic changes you can move more, remove toxic products, eat foods that nourish your body and heal your digestive system and avoid processed foods.

    This is a basic set of changes anyone can make and I would suggest that supplementing with CBD would be an excellent addition to your nutrition.

    Whilst looking at what you are putting in and on your body we can also address the question of whether CBD for psoriatic arthritis and CBD for rheumatoid arthritis are worthwhile. I would argue that for most people most of the time CBD is an excellent addition to your diet regardless of the type of problem you have.

    The Promising Benefits Of CBD Oil For Arthritis 1

    So What Is CBD Oil?

    CBD, or Cannabidiol, is one of over a hundred natural compounds derived from the cannabis plant.

    CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system, or ECS, which helps balance our health and reduce inflammation. 

    Just as iron is vital for the normal function of red blood cells, our endocannabinoid system also needs support, but since CBD doesn’t make up a natural part of our diets, most people don’t do anything to support their endocannabinoid system.

    Taking cannabinoids from a high quality full spectrum plant extract, such as those we sell at CBD One, simply encourages your ECS to work well.

    While there are many benefits of CBD oil for arthritis, it should be used as a supplement to other factors that you are putting in place to tackle the problem.

    How Does CBD Oil Help With Arthritis?

    One role the ECS has is to moderate your body’s inflammatory response, therefore, if you have chronic inflammation the ECS can help reduce this, thereby lessening the slow damage that occurs to cause arthritis.

    This is one of the key benefits of CBD oil for arthritis, that it helps your body become less inflamed and if you are managing all the other lifestyle factors that also contribute I would argue this is a potent combination for helping to deal with arthritis.

    It is also a fascinating fact that if you have a joint damaged by arthritis your body makes more receptors in the damaged joint for cannabinoids.

    Yes, that’s right, your body actually creates more cannabinoid receptors where it is damaged – it is almost as if the body knows there is something that will help it!

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    Your body does produce its own cannabinoid (CBD is one of many cannabinoids in our products) called anandamide that makes you feel good and aids a healthy balance of your system but often it only produces a small amount of this.

    A common question I hear is: "what is the best CBD oil for arthritis sufferers?"

    There is not a simple answer because I believe you need to tackle ALL lifestyle factors to make real inroads into such a chronic problem.

    However, when it comes to CBD oil for arthritis, or any joint pain, avoid any product that is clear, transparent yellow or a lovely light golden colour. It is almost certainly a low grade product that may well be a waste of money. Look for the nice deep brown and earthy colours of a full spectrum plant extract.

    The Promising Benefits Of CBD Oil For Arthritis 2

    Can You Take CBD Oil With Prescription Medication For Arthritis?

    The key with medication and CBD is to check the leaflets for any mention of grapefruit juice. If that is mentioned then you cannot use CBD with that drug - there is a theoretical interaction that will mean you may not clear the drug from your system properly.

    If you are at all uncertain then please speak to your health professional.

    CBD Oil Dosage For Arthritis

    Everyone has their own response to CBD oil - some people find a few drops works for them whilst others find they need more or that the amount varies according to the kind of day they are having.

    I encourage my patients to listen to their body and adjust their dose up or down according to how they are feeling. There is no hard and fast rule but I see most people report changes with either Signature Blend No 2 or Absorb Pure.

    How To Use CBD Oil For Arthritis

    Before using CBD Oil for arthritis, the first step should be to implement all of the lifestyle changes I have outlined above.

    It is very rare that there is one magic answer to any health problem so make sure you are making healthy choices to allow your body to find good health without the need for toxic pharmaceuticals.

    You can then add CBD as a useful supplement for all its wonderful balancing qualities.

    While other brands might encourage you to apply topical CBD creams to your skin for arthritis, these are typically nothing more than shea butter or beeswax with some CBD thrown in.

    While there is no harm in using CBD creams, the best way to get CBD into your system, whether you are using the CBD oil for arthritis of the spine or any other arthritic problem, is to take it orally - either with one of our CBD Oils under your tongue or our Absorb range in a drink.

    The Promising Benefits Of CBD Oil For Arthritis 3

    What About Arthritis In Pets?

    The same causes of arthritis in humans are also factors in arthritis for your pets.

    Please look at the food you are giving your pet. Is it processed food? If it is then it comes with just the same set of trouble as processed food in humans. Find what your animal would eat in nature and do your best to mimic this diet. Looking for convenience foods for your pet is exactly the same path to chronic disease as it is in humans.

    Lots of people ask me if they can give their dogs CBD oil for arthritis and, just as with people, the answer is that it may well be a very useful supplement to help balance their body. In fact, we know that dogs have more receptors for cannabinoids than humans!

    Giving cat's CBD to help with their arthritis is also worth a try as it won't do them any harm, but be wary of brands that are selling CBD for pets - it is illegal to market a CBD product for pets in the UK, and it is exactly the same CBD as for humans with a different label and probably a different price.

    There are also plenty of people looking for CBD oils for arthritis in horses. Once more, the answer is the same. Ensure nutrition and lifestyle factors are dealt with and by all means add CBD to the mix. It is very safe and remarkably side effect free unlike most pharmaceutical drugs for animals or humans.

    Just apply the same rules as you would if you were looking for CBD for yourself – get a high quality full spectrum plant extract with all the properties outlined above.

    If you are still unsure what to do please get in touch through our free, dedicated health advice page where we will endeavour to answer your questions with honesty and integrity.

    Take a look at our Cannabidiol (CBD) best-sellers
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