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    Why You Should Be Wary Of Sites Selling CBD Oil For Cancer

    CBD oil, otherwise known as cannabidiol, is a cannabinoid compound from the cannabis plant. 

    The highest quality you can buy is a full spectrum extract, which means it does not just contain CBD, it also contains other important cannabinoids within legal limits, flavonoids which contribute to its colour and terpenes

    Each of these compounds has an important role to play in making CBD effective.

    Flavonoids appear to have antioxidant qualities and terpenes are the essential oils that give cannabis it's unique smell and taste. They also appear to have interesting qualities when we ingest them.

    CBD has come onto the market in the last three or four years and has become a very popular food supplement, however, there are many low-grade and poor quality products out there and it is a lot easier to buy poor CBD than it is to find good quality, potent CBD.

    This is because, as it stands, there are no enforced regulations so unless a company intends on behaving with integrity (like our CBD One team) they are not bound by any particular restrictions. 

    However, if you find a CBD company that is making claims that they can cure cancer (or any other illness for that matter) I would walk a long way away from those products because they are breaking the law and they are probably trying to make a fast buck preying on vulnerable people.

    Disclaimer: This article may contain occasional references of CBD "for" a specific topic, for example, "CBD Oil for Cancer".

    It is important for us to clarify that CBD is a food supplement that, while very useful for many people, is not sold "for" any specific purpose other than general health and wellbeing.

    Any references of CBD for a specific subject are simply so we can clarify this to anyone searching for these terms.

    How Is CBD Oil Manufactured?

    CBD oil is made by growing and harvesting cannabis, drying it and then using special methods to extract the cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids from the plant. 

    It should be done with great care and skill to preserve as much of the goodness of the plant as possible. 

    This extract is then added to a carrier oil, such as hemp seed oil, and the product then becomes easy to take in drop form using a dropper pipette. 

    Most people place it under the tongue, hold the drops there for two or three minutes then swallow. This can be done several times a day depending on how the person is feeling and how they are progressing with whatever problem they are using it for.

    How Does CBD Work?

    We have a remarkable system of receptors in our body belonging to the endocannabinoid system (ECS). These receptors are in our central nervous system, peripheral nervous system and many other organs, soft tissues and joints as well as in our skin.

    The ECS was only discovered around 30 years ago, and we are still learning about how important it is for our health. To sum up most of our knowledge at the moment one can say the ECS is very important for our well-being.

    The ECS helps regulate the important mechanism of homoeostasis, which is the body's ability to maintain good health regardless of our environment or activities.

    For example, if we start running, all manner of changes occur in our body to enable us to run. These changes happen automatically and the ECS helps that occur efficiently.

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    Does CBD Oil Cure Cancer?

    The first thing to be clear on when talking about CBD oil’s qualities is that we cannot make any health claims. Furthermore, the Cancer Act 1939 makes it illegal for anyone to advertise they have a cure for cancer, which further emphasises that anyone doing so is not acting with integrity or honesty.

    Truly, it is as simple as that!

    However, there is no harm in looking at the wider debate. It is well known that cannabis is a plant abundant in healthy compounds and from that perspective, not hard to see why many people use it when aiming to promote good health.

    Anyone who reads the mainstream media will undoubtedly see cannabis becoming a more ever-present talking point as it starts to become appreciated for the amazing plant it is, and this is no bad thing. CBD’s growing popularity as one of the major compounds in cannabis now means it is arguably as well-known as it’s infamous psychoactive counterpart, THC.

    We also know that people will see the ever-growing application for medically prescribed cannabis and wonder if it can help them too, since we know it does not come with the long list of side effects found with many harsh pharmaceuticals. Sadly, in the UK at least, there are still only a handful of very select instances where cannabis will ultimately be prescribed for use.

    It is important to make clear that CBD and medically prescribed cannabis are two different things, albeit they both come from the cannabis plant. I suppose the major benefit with CBD supplements is that they’re readily available and easily accessible as long as you find a reputable supplier, such as CBD One.

    I take CBD as part of a balanced diet rather like I would take a multivitamin, to put good things into my body. So, the summary would be: we couldn’t and wouldn’t ever claim CBD can cure cancer, but we do know this all-natural compound is healthy and safe.

    Good health comes from various factors such as exercise and nutrition, your environment and relationships. Therefore, try to put all those factors into a healthy state. 

    When it comes to wellbeing, I always ask people to look at nutrition. Processed foods are renowned for their ability to contribute to poor health so please stop eating processed foods. Give your body wholesome natural foods. One of these foods is CBD!

    There is an excellent book by Joseph Mercola called Fat For Fuel that is specifically aimed at highlighting the power of what we eat for people with cancer. It gives  excellent nutritional advice to help the body stay strong and to maintain a fully functioning immune system.

    If we know that a poor diet can contribute to poor health then the opposite must be true, that a good diet can contribute to promoting health, so regardless of the route you are taking to help your problem be it down the traditional route with your doctors and oncologists or looking for alternative methods do make sure you your nutrition is at its optimum.

    Can You Use CBD Oil If You Have Cancer?

    While you may be able to use CBD safely while having cancer, CBD is not something used “for” cancer.

    The simple answer is that CBD is a very healthy food supplement and it is beneficial to your body, so if you were fighting any illness I would say there is no harm in taking it. 

    The great thing with CBD is that it is non-toxic. It does not cause terrible side-effects and so is a very low risk option for potential gains.

    If one looks at the risks involved in taking pharmaceutical medication including those potent and highly toxic chemotherapy drugs then CBD oil comes with no risks attached. 

    Of course, there is a note of caution here – do not substitute your standard treatments for any food supplement. Always speak with your medical team and try to work with them on your side.

    If you want to try CBD oil and you know you have cancer I would always recommend you speak to your oncologist or your doctor to see what they have to say. 

    You certainly do not want CBD to be causing problems with the medication you may be taking so always check with your health professional first.

    For many people, when they take CBD, they feel better simply knowing they’re taking a healthy, plant-based supplement, reassured that gently working with their body is always a safe option.

    I can recall a customer at my shop coming in for some nutritional advice for her husband who had stomach cancer. 

    We had a long talk about various areas that can help promote wellbeing and she also purchased him some CBD oil. She came in a week or two later to thank me, not for any reason to do with the CBD and his cancer, but simply because she felt she had got her old husband back. 

    This further highlights that our health and wellbeing is a broad topic in which multiple areas play a part. Once you start to look at your lifestyle as a whole and make subtle but key changes, we really can improve our lives.

    So we cannot shout about what CBD may or may not do for cancer, but we can certainly say that you may just simply feel better when taking it. After all, quality of life is very important when dealing with such terrible illnesses.

    How To Use CBD Oil

    In my experience, if using just a single product, I would say take a CBD oil from our Signature Blend range. Though it’s worth pointing out that many people like using our Absorb range in the morning as part of their get-up routine before using the oils later in the day and before bed. This combination-style use is a personal favourite of mine.

    I would start with Signature Blend No 2, which is 1000 mg of CBD, or for an even stronger option take Signature blend No 3, but please start cautiously with maybe two drops two times a day because that is our strongest CBD and taking too much too soon may give you diarrhoea or a headache.

    Fortunately, that is the worst of the side-effects you may get from taking a CBD. Allow your body to adjust for a week and then you can take more or less depending on how you're feeling. 

    The fact that it is so safe to try means you are at no risk and if you're at no risk then you have everything to gain and precious little to lose!

    Could CBD Cream Help With Skin Cancer?

    I would always speak to your oncologist about skin cancer. Your skin lesion may need urgent surgery or it may be slow growing. 

    Just like using CBD oil in general it is low risk, and I have yet to see anyone cause themselves harm putting CBD cream on their skin, however it is always sensible to get skin problems checked out by a doctor or a specialist.

    We do know that there are cannabinoid receptors in your skin and this means your skin is primed to respond to cannabinoids, but that does not mean you can ignore a problem by just putting CBD on it and hoping it will go away. Always seek medical help.

    How Much CBD Oil Should I Take?

    There are no hard and fast rules for CBD dosages, but there are some basic sensible ways to decide how much CBD to use. 

    Start with a middle dose, anywhere between 500 mg to 1000 Milligrams of CBD. Take two or three drops two or three times a day (or one shot a day of the Absorb range) and see how you feel.

    After a couple the weeks you can play around with the amounts you use. 

    Whilst there is a science behind cannabis and cannabinoids there is an art form to the dosage, and how you are feeling is as important as how much you are taking, so take more or take less according to how you feel you are progressing. 

    Some people take the Absorb products in the morning for their more energising effects and they take the oils in the afternoon or evening as they wind down and prepare to rest.

    This is a very personal choice but I suspect that the oils are the best route to take simply because you are drip-feeding them into your body all day long so I would go with one of our Signature Blend range of oils.  You may help the absorption of the CBD if you eat some food around the time you take the oil.

    Why You Should Be Wary Of Sites Selling CBD Oil For Cancer 1

    Can I Give My Dog CBD Oil For Cancer?

    This is a common question I encounter, and I’ve written a blog about CBD oil for dogs, but the basic rule is quite simple - it is currently illegal in the UK to administer CBD for your dog without a vet’s permission, meaning our hands are tied when it comes to any recommendations.

    For this reason, please speak to your vet first, and if they say you can use CBD with your dog then you are good to go. 

    Can you give a dog that is suffering with cancer CBD? As far as I am aware, it is not one of the conditions that CBD would be prescribed for in the UK at the moment.

    That said, very much like the human model of Cannabinoids and good health, CBD is good for you and there are no safety concerns when giving CBD to dogs under the guidance of a vet.

    It is worth bearing in mind that dogs have more receptors for cannabinoids than humans which means they may be very sensitive to CBD oil, which again emphasises the importance of guidance from a qualified veterinarian.

    There are various sites around the internet that give dosage guidance for pets, with many stating 1mg per kg of bodyweight the standard dose. This is something that I would advise to make sure is approved by a qualified specialist.

    For human dosing with CBD, we try to make things as easy as possible by labelling clearly how many milligrams of CBD are contained within each drop of oil.

    Please be aware that If a company is selling CBD that is labelled ‘for pets’ then they are breaking the law. It also often comes grossly overpriced simply for the benefit of them printing the word “dogs edition” or “cats edition” on the label. The truth is - what’s inside is no different!

    Steer clear of these businesses as they are clearly ignoring all guidelines, and all voluntary codes of conduct, so they are probably on a ‘make money as fast as they can’ drive before somebody switches them off!

    This is not what I would call the best practice and here at CBD One we pride ourselves on integrity over profit.

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