CBD Oil Wholesale

Whether you are a retailer or health professional looking to sell CBD One’s products, a manufacturer looking to buy CBD oil wholesale, or want to explore starting your own CBD business; we have the solution for you.

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Selling the CBD One range:

Become a CBD One retailer

Starting a CBD business? Our wholesale program is the perfect choice for those looking to maximise the opportunity presented by the rapidly growing hemp and cannabis industry both in the UK and worldwide. Represent the CBD One brand and receive everything you need to give your business the best start. Some of the benefits include:
  • Professionally presented, effective products
  • Attractive margins for great earning potential
  • Full training and ongoing retailer support
  • Supporting point-of-sale material

Premium quality products from a trusted supplier

There are dozens of new businesses every week looking to jump on the CBD bandwagon. Unfortunately, most are just looking for quick cash. Despite the huge growth in the market, quality and trustworthy options are few and far between. At CBD One, integrity is key in everything we do, offering professional solutions to suit your business whatever the requirement.

Calling Coffee Shop owners!

Do you own a coffee shop, health bar or similar business? Want to offer CBD infused coffee, smoothies and other hot or cold drinks?

CBD One has the answer for you.

Our Absorb range is specifically formulated to be added to hot and cold drinks. Furthermore, they effectively deliver the active ingredients – meaning this is far more than just a novelty way to use CBD.

All products in the Absorb range deliver single measured shots, meaning you can start boosting your drinks with CBD in a very simple and effective way.

We have a custom point of sale material available as well as all the other fantastic benefits of working with CBD One. Get in touch today.

What our clients say:

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Bulk materials:

CBD wholesale & bulk materials

Are you looking to create your own CBD or hemp-based products? Perhaps you are a manufacturer requiring a quality, reliable supplier for raw materials?

Our manufacturing team in the Netherlands have over 10 years’ experience with hemp and cannabinoids. We have the facility to provide a wide-range of EU compliant, laboratory-verified products on both a small and large scale, including:

  • Bulk oil blends
  • CBD Isolate
  • Raw pastes
  • Capsules
  • Bioavailable water-soluble formulas

Plus much more. Have a specific request? Get in touch today and we can discuss your requirements.

Cannabis & CBD Training:

CBD wholesale & bulk materials

Are you selling CBD or hemp supplements at the moment through your business? Do you have customer-facing staff who talk about and recommend a variety of products?

Our next question is: have they been trained?

In our experience, over 90% of the time the answer is no, with staff in health stores, pharmacies and many other retail stores having a worrying lack of knowledge. Can you imagine this in any other professional environment?

Not only is it bad for customers, but it is also bad for your business. How can you ensure healthy sales when your staff are not comfortable discussing the products you have for sale?

We know CBD is a supplement and that we cannot make specific health claims. That is no excuse for poor knowledge surrounding cannabinoids, the plant itself and the differences between the hundreds of products on the market that will enable people to talk confidently and recommend a suitable choice.

All CBD One retailers are offered complimentary, qualified staff training from our team who have over 15 years’ experience in natural health and have acquired specialist knowledge in the field of cannabinoids. If you work with a different brand and haven’t been offered this, maybe now is the time to ask “why?”.

We have a simple, straightforward approach to ensure your business can take positive steps to improve knowledge and sales.

Get in touch today to discuss training options to ensure you have confident, knowledgeable staff.