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    Do CBD Drinks Work?

    5 min

    The rise of CBD as part of wider wellness and health focus has brought CBD-infused drinks onto the market over the last few years. Many of these drinks are sold as a convenient, enjoyable, and effective way to consume CBD, claiming that they help reduce stress, improve mood, and enhance overall wellbeing.

    But the science between how effectively CBD can be absorbed by the body is still being researched. Plus, bioavailability (how much CBD can actually be used by the body) varies between different methods of taking CBD.

    So, do CBD drinks work? Can they actually improve mood and help reduce stress? Or is there a better way to take CBD?

    What are CBD Drinks? 

    CBD drinks are beverages infused with cannabidiol (CBD), a compound taken from the cannabis plant for its potential health benefits. CBD drinks in particular are growing as a popular natural remedy for various wellness concerns, often marketed for their ability to improve sleep quality, as well as promote relaxation, stress relief and relief from chronic pain, making them appealing to those seeking holistic solutions.

    But many CBD drinks may have low bioavailability, meaning that the body absorbs only a small percentage of the CBD present. While CBD drinks promise potential health benefits, questions remain about whether they can actually deliver on their promises. Exploring the science behind CBD consumption and its impact on the body might shed light on the efficiency of CBD drinks - and help you make informed choices about your wellness journey.

    How Much CBD Do Drinks Contain?

    Most brands of CBD drink typically contain between 5-15mg of CBD per serving. In the UK, the Food Standards Agency (FSA) recommends that adults consume no more than 70mg of CBD per day. How many CBD drinks can you have a day, then? That’s approximately anywhere between five and fifteen daily CBD drinks, if you're not a maths wiz.

    On the other hand, however, some types of water-soluble CBD contain up to 800mg (such as our Absorb Pure+), whilst also allowing you much more control over the dosage and the ingredients by making your own CBD infused drinks.

    While CBD drinks offer a convenient way to consume CBD and potentially reap the benefits, it's essential to consider their bioavailability. Certain brands of CBD drink may have lower bioavailability compared to other CBD products. This means that the body absorbs only a fraction of the CBD present, limiting its effectiveness. Individuals should be mindful of dosage and explore alternative CBD products to maximise the benefits of cannabidiol.

    What is Bioavailability?

    Bioavailability basically means how much something is able to enter the bloodstream through the digestive system and become available for the body to use. In the context of CBD products derived from the hemp plant, bioavailability can vary depending on factors such as the cannabidiol's formulation and how it’s consumed.

    Products with low bioavailability might not deliver their full therapeutic benefits, as much of the CBD content gets lost during digestion. Understanding bioavailability is crucial for making sure you’re buying high quality and effective CBD products. Consulting with a healthcare professional can give you guidance on selecting high-quality CBD products with higher bioavailability, especially those tested in third-party labs.

    How Long Does A CBD Drink Take To Work?

    The time it takes a CBD drink to work depends on the quality of the CBD used and how much the drink contains. On average, it typically takes around 20 minutes for the effects of a CBD drink to be felt after consumption. However, the dosage and individual response vary, influencing the time to feel calm and balanced. Plus, with the potential of a CBD beverage with a low bioavailability, it may take a bit longer for you to feel the benefits of CBD drinks.

    Alternatively, water soluble CBD may take only 15 minutes to take effect - and usually contains much more CBD per mg.

    How Long Does A CBD Drink Stay In Your System?

    The duration that CBD drinks stay in your system varies based on individual factors, but it usually takes around 2 to 5 days. Regular CBD use can also prolong its presence in the body.

    Due to their low bioavailability, CBD drinks may not offer their full CBD content. This makes them a low benefit route if you’re looking to take CBD in liquid ford, especially when compared to other CBD products. Despite being part of a daily routine, the low dose and limited effectiveness of CBD drinks may not provide the desired therapeutic effects.

    If you're seeking the benefits of CBD, whether that's relieving work-related stress or a desire to properly relax at home, you should explore options with high bioavailability to boost the potential benefits of CBD consumption and support your overall wellness goals.

    What Are The Benefits of CBD Drinks?

    In theory, a CBD beverage offers potential benefits for individuals seeking relief from stress, chronic pain, occasional sleep difficulties, anxiety, and relaxation. Even if it's just a bit of a struggle to relax at home after a day at work, many people think about whether they should drink CBD.

    However, due to the small amount of actual CBD present in many of these beverages, the effects may be minimal or negligible. Many people turn to CBD oils or water soluble alternatives for their calming and therapeutic properties, which can aid in managing daily stressors and promoting overall well being.

    These alternatives can offer enhanced bioavailability and may provide more effective relief. By choosing high quality CBD products, individuals can better harness the potential benefits of CBD to support their health and wellness goals.

    Are CBD Drinks Good For You?

    CBD drinks typically contain minimal calories and no THC. However, despite their appeal, these canned CBD beverages can be costly for the amount of CBD you get compared to other CBD products.

    Opting for water-soluble CBD may offer a better value, meaning you can control the amount of CBD you receive per serving (with some of the Absorb range having as much as 800mg of CBD). Additionally, with water-soluble CBD, you have more control over the ingredients, making it possible to create CBD-infused water or even CBD coffee!

    While CBD drinks offer convenience, if you're seeking more cost-effective and customisable options, you may find water-soluble CBD to be a better choice for adding CBD into your daily wellness routine! By choosing products with higher bioavailability and flexibility, you can ensure you're getting the most out of your CBD consumption while maintaining control over ingredients and cost.

    Do CBD Infused Drinks Work?

    CBD infused drinks theoretically offer a convenient way to consume CBD, but many on the market may not contain enough CBD to give you noticeable benefits. However, there are effective alternatives available, such as our Absorb range.

    Our water-soluble CBD products enable you to infuse any beverage with cannabidiol, ensuring improved efficiency. With the Absorb range, you can transform your favourite beverages into CBD infused drinks, offering a customisable and convenient solution for those seeking the benefits of CBD in a drinkable form!

    Whether you're looking for relief from stress, pain, or sleep difficulties, water soluble CBD provides an alternative to traditional oil drops, offering better bioavailability and personalised doses.

    Is There a Better Way to Enjoy CBD Than CBD Drinks?

    Do CBD drinks work? Yes, in theory. While CBD drinks offer convenience, many on the market may fall short in terms of effectiveness due to low CBD content, high cost, and poor bioavailability. However, there is a superior alternative available - the Absorb range.

    Our water soluble CBD products revolutionise the way you enjoy CBD-infused drinks, ensuring maximum absorption and efficacy. With the Absorb range, you can customise your CBD intake, turning any beverage into your very own CBD drink. Unlike traditional CBD drinks, the Absorb range offers superior bioavailability, making it the optimal choice for those seeking the full benefits of CBD.

    If you're looking for stress relief or sleep support without the nonsense, our Absorb range provides a premium CBD experience that surpasses conventional CBD drinks. Say goodbye to inferior CBD drinks and get the full potential of CBD infused beverages with the Absorb range.

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