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    Do CBD Gummies Work?

    5 min

    As CBD continues to take the wellness world by storm, one product on the market stands out for its appeal and simplicity: CBD gummies.

    These sweet treats are sold as an easy and enjoyable way to get CBD into your diet but, with the market exploding with choices, it can be hard not to question their effectiveness. Many of these brands and some of the guidelines sit in a bit of a grey area, so we think it’s important to be clear and honest: do CBD gummies work? Or is there a better way to get your CBD fix?

    What Are CBD Gummies?

    CBD gummies are edible supplements infused with cannabidiol (CBD), a compound derived from the cannabis sativa plant known for its potential health benefits. Many CBD companies say they offer a convenient and tasty way to get a daily dose of CBD into your routine.

    However, compared to CBD oils or other CBD products, these gummies tend to have a lower bioavailability, meaning that a smaller percentage of the CBD actually enters your bloodstream when ingested. For those seeking quick relief, especially after a stressful workday, or if you're desiring natural and effective CBD products, this lower bioavailability can be less than ideal.

    What Effect Do CBD Gummies Have On You?

    With CBD edibles such as gummies, while they are said to offer a convenient and tasty way to consume cannabidiol, it's important to note that their effect may be less pronounced compared to other CBD products. This is due to their lower bioavailability.

    With a bioavailability of approximately 3%, CBD gummies actually provide a lower dosage of CBD that may take longer to take effect and offer milder benefits. Additionally, CBD gummies mean more added sugar in your diet. For those seeking more effective ways to take CBD, such as classic CBD oils (with a bioavailability of 10-12%), or CBD One's Absorb range (with a bioavailability of 99%), CBD gummies may not be the optimal choice. Many people report improved benefits from a higher bioavailability, so it's crucial to choose products specifically formulated to maximise CBD absorption for desired results.

    How Long Does It Take For A Gummy CBD to Take Effect?

    CBD gummies typically take around half an hour to take effect, as they need to be digested before the CBD can enter the bloodstream. However, due to this low bioavailability, the actual dosage of CBD in gummies is pretty minimal compared to other CBD products. For better absorption and effectiveness, it's crucial to choose a highly bioavailable cannabidiol product, such as CBD oil, which can be absorbed directly into the bloodstream.

    Bioavailability in food supplements can be influenced by various factors, including the formulation of the supplement and the delivery method. For example, liquids like CBD oil or water soluble solutions are often more effective than gummies because they require less time in the digestive system and are absorbed more quickly by the body. By selecting a CBD product with high bioavailability, you increase the likelihood of your body absorbing the necessary nutrients efficiently, meaning the potential health benefits of any CBD products you take are heightened!

    Can You Take A CBD Gummy Every Day?

    Because they're reminiscent of childhood sweets, some people report that they feel the urge to eat CBD gummies by the handful - especially because their actual effect is pretty weak. But can you eat a gummy daily, and how many CBD gummies can you actually take every day?

    Yes, you can incorporate a CBD gummy into your daily routine, as cannabidiol affects the endocannabinoid system, promoting relaxation and calmness, particularly beneficial after a stressful day of work deadlines. However, it's crucial to consider the low dose due to the gummies' bioavailability.

    While it may be tempting to consume multiple gummies for stronger effects, this approach isn't recommended. Instead, if you're looking for more effective CBD products, explore alternatives such as CBD oils or topical creams. These products typically offer higher levels of CBD bioavailability, ensuring you receive the full benefits of CBD use without needing to rely on excessive consumption. Ultimately, choosing the right CBD product that aligns with your wellness goals and preferences is key to achieving optimal results and maintaining a balanced lifestyle.

    Consulting with a healthcare professional can also provide personalised guidance on the appropriate dosage and frequency of CBD intake based on your specific needs, circumstances, and any medications you're taking.

    Which CBD Gummies Are The Best?

    If you are considering CBD gummies and are looking for the best, it's essential to prioritise safety and quality. Look for CBD products from reputable sources that are tested in third-party labs to ensure purity and potency. However, it's worth noting that CBD gummies are more of a gimmick compared to other CBD items due to their lower bioavailability.

    As a result, even the best CBD gummy option do not compare to other forms of CBD, such as CBD oil, topical CBD products, or water-soluble CBD. These alternatives often offer higher doses of CBD and more efficient absorption, making them more effective choices for those seeking the full benefits of hemp-derived cannabidiol products.

    Is CBD Safe in Gummy Form?

    CBD in any form is safe as long as you follow the recommended daily intake advice and listen to your body. However, due to lower bioavailability in gummies the fact that the CBD doesn't absorb into your system as much as it does with other methods of taking CBD, gummies can pose a risk.

    Many people claim they end up taking more gummies than recommended because they have little effect. This means that you're adding excess sugar and other ingredients into your diet, along with increased levels of CBD. If you've been using CBD gummies for a while and don't feel that they are working, instead of increasing your intake, considering switching to a different, more effective CBD product.

    So, Do CBD Gummies Work?

    Yes, CBD gummies work because they contain CBD, having been developed using extracts from the cannabis plant. However, their effectiveness may be limited due to the low dosage typically found in each gummy.

    While CBD has shown promise in research for various benefits, including promoting relaxation and reducing stress, I don't think the actual amount of CBD present in gummies is sufficient to provide significant effects. Additionally, there are potential risks associated with consuming CBD gummies, such as the presence of added sugars or other ingredients that may not align with everyone's dietary preferences.

    For those seeking more potent and reliable CBD options, CBD oil or other forms of cannabidiol intake offer greater benefits and efficacy.

    Is There A Better Way To Enjoy CBD Products?

    Yes! For enhanced effectiveness and convenience, consider alternatives such as full spectrum CBD oil, water-soluble CBD like our Absorb range, and topical CBD.

    These options offer easy access to the benefits of cannabidiol, whether through oil drops for comprehensive benefits, water-soluble CBD for drinkable solutions, or topical applications for targeted relief. Each method is designed to maximise the effectiveness of CBD, ensuring you experience its full potential in a way that suits your preferences and lifestyle.

    • Our full spectrum CBD oil drops offer an easy and accessible way to experience the benefits of CBD. This popular option ensures you receive all the benefits the hemp plant has to offer in a simple and effective manner.
    • Our Absorb range of water-soluble CBD products allows you to infuse any beverage with CBD. Highly effective and easily absorbed, this range provides a convenient drinkable solution for those seeking an alternative to oil drops!
    • Our carefully formulated topical CBD harnesses the healing power of nature. This professional-quality cannabidiol balm nourishes and soothes dry, chapped skin, and has been formulated by skincare experts, using only 10 organic plant-based ingredients to rejuvenate and replenish the skin!

    If you're still unsure about how CBD works or the best way to get your daily dose of cannabidiol, my blog has plenty of useful info - and you can always contact me directly with any health questions you may have about CBD.

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