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How Long Does CBD Take To Work?

5 min

For people struggling with health issues and ailments, urgency for a quick fix is often a key driver to purchasing something new that they hope might bring change.

Unfortunately, whatever you can find on the market - whether it be medication or a supplement - often takes a while to take effect. It is rare that solutions are instantaneous or that the same solution fits all.

Although research into CBD’s impact on the body is still ongoing and there are no approved health claims for CBD or any cannabinoids, millions of people report benefits from using CBD for a whole variety of problems from pain relief to anxiety and inflammation to migraines. 

But the question on many lips is; how long does CBD take to work?

What Is CBD?

CBD is short for cannabidiol, one of many compounds found inside the hemp plant. It is extracted from the flowers, stalks and leaves and turned into a food supplement by combining the raw materials with a carrier oil.

It has grown in popularity in recent years and is widely used across the world to support wellbeing and healthy living. 

CBD is a non-psychoactive element of the plant - which means it doesn’t make you feel intoxicated - and often taken as tincture oil drops but can also come in other forms such as finely milled powder to add to drinks and baking, slow-release skin patches and creams.

How Does CBD Interact With The Body?

CBD seems to interact with the human body’s endocannabinoid system, a molecular system of receptors and transmitters responsible for balancing and regulating processes in the body. 

It works to support this network of transmitters, found in the brain and nervous system, by influencing the receptors and changing the way they respond, therefore affecting things like sleep, memory, appetite and immune response.

What Affects It Working?

Everything is subjective. One person might see a difference in a matter of hours, another in days. For others, it might take weeks or months for a CBD supplement to show any benefits.

You have to give it time. Taking any supplement requires a commitment, it is a lifestyle choice, not a quick fix and it is important to consider this before you start.

I have yet to encounter a magic bullet that fixes everything in one go. Most problems have several factors at play that cause them so please address every aspect of good health. 

What is your diet like, processed foods and highly refined carbs found in sugary products and breads, cereals and pastas can exacerbate pain levels and have a negative influence on your mood. 

Do you exercise? Do you know how to breathe correctly? Do you find time for calm and reflection or are you always staring at the TV or phone for stimulation?

CBD may be a remarkable supplement but if all the other factors are playing against it what hope does your body have of creating positive change?

It is also important to ensure that you buy your CBD products from a reputable source.

Ideally, you want something that has been laboratory tested by an independent third party, with a clear ingredients list and numerous consumer reviews. You want a high quality, trustworthy product as anything less is unlikely to have much effect.

You should also consider bioavailability - how much of the CBD actually gets into your bloodstream. 

If you put drops under your tongue, they are absorbed directly into your bloodstream which should mean they work more quickly and the benefits become more noticeable sooner. If you went for CBD edibles then these would have to be processed by the body before you would see any effects.

Treat the root of the problem. If you have muscle ache in a specific area then a CBD cream might be an option. If you are turning to CBD amid claims that it might give you relief from anxiety or insomnia, a droplet under the tongue might be a better choice.

And your first pick might not necessarily be the right pick. You might need a different product to the first one you look at. 

Everyone is different and requires a slightly different approach.

How Much CBD Should I Take?

As with any new supplement, we would recommend starting with a low dose and building it up in your system. It is always wise to be cautious while you monitor how your body will react.

If you don’t see any immediate improvements or benefits, consider upping your dosage steadily. Side effects are extremely rare and usually very mild if they do occur so it is safe to experiment a little with the strength that you choose or the amount you take.

As with most things, it is possible to build up a tolerance to CBD so it might be that you need to up your dosage after a while anyway, or even have a pause and restart the supplement after your body takes a break.

The Bottom Line

It really depends on who you are and why you have chosen to take CBD as to how long it will take to work. Or if it works at all! It is totally subjective. 

But if you choose a high-quality, well-trusted product, with good bioavailability and take each dose religiously as instructed, it is more likely that you will see the plant-power benefits in droves in the fullness of time.

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