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    CBD Coffee, CBD Cocktails and CBD in Food

    5 min

    In the last two years, CBD One has taken a step into the catering world. We have been exploring CBD coffee, CBD drinks and we also have an amazing CBD ingredient called Hatcha that can be used to make CBD enriched foods such as CBD bread, CBD cakes and biscuits, CBD peanut butter and even CBD salad dressings.

    This is a new area for us and we have learnt a lot as we have taken steps in that direction. But along the way we have also won awards for this new venture.

    Award winning family business

    Last year we won the Family Business of the year Award 2022 in the health and well being category. We have always taken great pride in the fact me and my brother Alex are a family business with the associated values of integrity and honesty.

    To have this recognised by others is always a boost. 

    We also won an international award

    And this year, just last month our One Shot drink product was unanimously voted the best coffee syrup product in the World Coffee Innovation Awards.

    This is a prestigious award made all the more welcome by the fact it was judged by five top industry experts and despite lots of entries in our category our CBD One Shot was voted as the only feasible winner!

    So what are these products we are offering to the catering industry? 

    CBD One Shot

    Well firstly we have our CBD One Shot. This is a specially formulated type of highly bioavailable CBD. We have added this to a pump dispenser bottle designed for ease of use. This makes it ideal for the catering industry.

    Simply attach the pump to our bottle and it dispenses 125 shots of the finest CBD in the world in 2mg doses.

    This means it comes in well under the bizarre FSA advisory rules for how much CBD to take daily. I’ll address the FSA advice in another blog but it really is an odd one.

    One of the most important aspects of our CBD drink additive One Shot is that it has little to no effect on the taste of your drink meaning you can use it in a high quality coffee without ruining the taste you desire.

    CBD One Shot can be added to hot or cold drinks. This means, quite literally any drink can become a CBD drink with One Shot!

    Therefore, you can create a functional, super healthy drink using this product. Add it to cocktails to make CBD cocktails.

    In fact an espresso martini with CBD One Shot added is a perfect combination whilst a CBD Bloody Mary really is the ultimate pick me up.

    Add it to coffee to make a CBD coffee. Get the coffee kick and take off the jittery edge of the caffeine. Add it to your sports recovery drink to make a CBD recovery drink or make a CBD pre workout drink to give you that edge in training.

    Or add it to your hot chocolate to make a delicious calming CBD hot chocolate. 

    Of course it is so versatile it can go in any drink at all.

    We have found that coffee shops offering CBD coffee at the till when a customer gives their order do incredibly well. In fact, when they actively ask, “Would you like a shot of CBD in your drink?” they get a 50% uptake!

    And the other 50% ask questions which means it’s a great way to engage your customers in conversation.

    We have seen some places end up with one in five of their drinks becoming CBD drinks with regular customers coming back for more.

    Why is this? Well it’s because the form of CBD we use is unique. It is highly bioavailable. 

    What does bioavailable mean?

    This term refers to the ability of your body to use something you have ingested to actually be useful. To have what we call a physiological effect. 

    As an example, CBD oil, used under the tongue (sublingual CBD is the medical terminology) has a bioavailability of approximately 10-15%. This means 85% of what you take in is broken down and discarded by your body.

    This is one of the reasons we have yet to use a CBD gummy, because just 3% of the CBD gummies you have bought gets to work in your body. That does not mean they cannot help you, it just means there are more efficient ways to get CBD into your body.

    Because the One Shot is easily taken up by your body it works fast and so catering outlets start to get repeat customers. 

    Of course, if the bottle sits on a shelf alongside a load of other bottles and isn’t mentioned it will not sell.

    So tell your customers they can add CBD One Shot to their drinks.

    Truly, just asking customers if they’d like to try a shot of CBD gets an immediate response. And this means catering outlets can add a tidy profit margin to each and every drink they sell.

    But they are also giving their customers something good, something that is healthy! So everyone is a winner.

    Hatcha the ultimate functional food ingredient

    We have sold Hatcha for a number of years to our wonderful customers in small glass jars for home use. At just £24.99 it is a very affordable CBD that is easy to use.

    But we now offer this out to the catering industry where it is the perfect CBD ingredient to add to food or drinks.

    It is 100% organic hemp plant which means it has simply been dried then milled to create a beautiful green powder. 

    Because it is the whole plant in as close as state as it can be to nature this product is not classed as a novel food. That means you can use it to make any CBD food or drink you wish without having to be on the FSA’s novel foods list.

    That means new product development in the CBD field is accessible with our amazing Hatcha CBD powder.

    Anything from a quarter teaspoon to a teaspoon is a good dose and because it is the whole plant it comes with the powerful synergy that is the entourage effect.

    The only limit to the use of Hatcha as a CBD food ingredient is the imagination of the chef.

    We have seen it used to make the most delicious brownies and blondies by our friends at Blondie Brownie.

    CBD ice cream anyone?

    My wife has used it to make a fabulous avocado CBD ice cream that quite simply lifts your mood when you eat it! It’s delicious.

    We have a peanut butter manufacturer who is working on a CBD peanut butter using Hatcha and chocolate. Chocolate and Hatcha are a match made in heaven.

    There have also been ideas to use Hatcha in bread and one manufacturer is exploring using Hatcha to make a CBD pizza base. Anyone for CBD pizzas? 

    Another area that has untapped potential is to use Hatcha as an ingredient in a salad dressing. Sprinkling nature’s goodness on your salad with the added bonus that if you add it to a fat such as olive oil it actually helps your body absorb more of the CBD.

    Truly there is unlimited to potential to enrich most foods with a powerful natural ingredient that gives a healthy dose of goodness to whoever eats it! 

    So if you have a catering outlet and want to add CBD products to your menu in food or drink, then we have the very products for you. Get in touch and we will guide and support you as you explore this exciting area of CBD growth.

    We are the experts. We’re here to help!

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