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    How Much Meat Should We Eat?

    2 min

    It’s me again, here to tell you off again! (there is somebody reading this who will chuckle at that line!)

    I was driving to work this morning and listened with interest to a government adviser discussing a new initiative to make our houses more efficient to reduce our carbon emissions. Hurray for that and I am all for such sensible ideas but I could not help thinking that it is futile.

    Why so, you may ask? Well this is under reported and not dealt with by politicians for fear of a public backlash but did you know that all our burning of fuels, cars, buses, power stations etc etc is dwarfed in its damaging effects on the environment by the animal agriculture sector.

    In fact, animal agriculture causes 18 times more environmental pollution than all of humanity’s burning of fuel in the whole wide world! Yes, that is correct, 18 times more. Wow!

    So until we in the developed world stop demanding meat on our plate every day with nearly every meal we are doomed. Utterly doomed.

    So we can all begin to make a more powerful impact on the planet and our health by modifying our diets to a more natural way of eating.

    Human evolution occurred whilst we had a nomadic existence so we evolved to be able to eat lots of plant based foods with only occasional helpings of meat and fish. We ate what we foraged and hunted.

    The modern world has changed this so we have cheap meat available everyday and boy oh boy are we gorging ourselves on it.

    Because of this we are destroying rainforests and natural landscapes to make way for fields of soya and grains – not to feed people but to fatten animals. So we have starving children in Africa but fattened animals in Europe and America.

    This cheap meat to you and I comes at an horrendous cost to our environment and our health. For cheap meat means overmedicated mass production which leads to antibiotics entering the food chain and lack of real nutrients in the very food we are eating.

    So begin to change this terrible state of affairs by eating less meat and more vegetables. You should have meat free days more than meat days – and if you must eat meat then go for the natural stuff made by places like Gazegill Organic farm in Rimington.

    When you do have a meat day – ensure the meat on your plate is more of a garnish rather than the centrepiece of the plate.

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