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    Introducing The CBD ONE Signature Blend Range

    3 min

    If you are serious about your cannabis/ hemp supplements then the Signature Blend CBD oils are a great starting point.
    The first thing you encounter with any of our signature blend products is the beautiful packaging. This serves to both protect what is inside but is vital in giving good information and the all important high quality look that CBD One strives for with all our cannabidiol products.

    A slick black matt finish and the classic CBD One logo in bronze (No1), silver(No2) or gold(No3) looks perfect on the shelves of any store or pharmacy and shouts out ‘quality’ from the off.

    Further information on the box tells us that each 10ml bottle contains 500mg of CBD.

    The CBD oil contained is described as full spectrum extract which means you get the vital Entourage effect so important in a cannabis product. This is the synergistic effect of all the compounds and terpenes in the plant adding up to a more potent product.

    On the back of the box are basic instructions along with three small CBD One logo boxes telling us we have:

    • 10mls in the bottle
    • 2mg of CBD per drop in Signature Blend No1
    • 4mg of CBD per drop in Signature Blend No2
    • 8mg of CBD per drop in Signature Blend No3
    • 240 drops in a bottle

    This labelling makes it easy to work out how many mg of CBD you are using and then understand how you’re progressing and change the dosage up or down accordingly.

    It is worth noting that the signature blend oils are GMO free, vegan and have 100% natural ingredients.

    We then open up the box to see inside and there is an echo of the design theme on the box with a more metallic bronze, silver or gold logo and slightly satin feel too.

    The product has a handy dropper to be able to administer the right number of drops.

    Opening the sealed cap and drawing up the oil into the dropper (after a gentle shake), the oil is a beautiful deep brown colour with a slight transparency too it.

    You know those nice clean looking CBD/hemp oils out there that look really light and clear? Well here’s news for you folks, they are over refined so you still get CBD but you lose all the magic. These products have actually had the potent Entourage effect removed to make a nice looking liquid. This is simply to make money and not to make you happy with your results.

    Of course CBD will help people but far less when not taken with all the other compounds and terpenes in cannabis.

    The Signature Blend No1 oil smells quite citrusy with a definite hint of pine in their too. Its actually a really pleasant smell – echoes of walking through a forest about it.

    The taste of CBD oil should be complex, because it is a full spectrum plant extract.

    Placing two drops under the tongue the initial flavour that stands out is pine and as the texture of the oil hits there is a hint of lemon. This then develops into a grassy taste that gets slightly sharper towards the end that sustains with an almost straw like finish with the merest hint of pepper to complete the experience.

    Signature Blend No2 is a darker CBD oil and has a stronger more intense pine taste which is sharper on the tip of the tongue, lemon hits the back and roof of the mouth with a more noticeable pepperiness as it develops. There is a lingering finish which almost has a mouthwash taste about it.

    Whilst our Signature Blend No3 cannabis oil is much thicker with a deeper ebony brown black colour that has a more earthy smell to it.

    To the taste buds it is very powerful, very like frankincense initially that fills the mouth then softens to a more rounded pine resin taste with liquorice undertone that has a very long after taste which is reminiscent of walking down a forest lane.
    It is worth noting that this is a plant extract so do not expect anything other than a quite unique taste experience. CBD One will not use flavourings or gimmicks but will ensure you get the very best cannabis/hemp products available on the planet.

    CBD One Oils product image
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