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    Explore These Natural Remedies For Menopause

    2 min

    Real women don’t have hot flushes they have power surges….

    Apparently the above is true, I read it on a fridge magnet!

    I saw the news earlier this week about how Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) medication is getting harder to find as the Department for Health described “ongoing supply issues”.

    With HRT being in the news this took me back to my osteopathic studies where we looked at how the pharmaceutical companies had used a tactic known as ‘astro turfing’ to promote the use of HRT. Astro turf is not real grass and, therefore, has no real roots and this is the case with the use of HRT for the menopause.

    Effectively the drugs companies have created a medical problem that is not a medical problem – the menopause. This is a time of life when natural rhythms change the balance of a woman’s hormones. It is an entirely natural process. Of course that does not mean it is always a serene or easy process but it is not in any way a medical disease.

    There are numerous examples of big pharma using astro turfing to create a demand for something that has never been there before. It’s a cynical world.

    However, I thought I would touch upon a few natural remedies you may wish to try if you are going through a difficult menopause OR have hormone issues in general.

    I’ve seen Evening Primrose Oil work wonders for lots of hormone imbalance problems and in my opinion most women, most of the time should take this herb regularly. It is not expensive and can be a great balancing supplement.

    Sage is also excellent, especially for hot flushes and can be taken as a tea, tincture or tablet. Bioforce make a very high quality product called Menoforce.

    Some people swear by Black Cohosh tablets and others by Maca which can be taken as a tablet or bought as a powder and added to food or drink.

    Viridian produce an excellent organic supplement called Herbal Female Complex with several superb herbal ingredients that have good research behind them for dramatically helping hot flushes, boosting libido and improving mood. They are also a very ethical manufacturer who will even give you money back when you return their bottle to the shop you got their product from.

    I have also had people report back that CBD oil has helped their symptoms too. The good thing with natural methods of balancing hormones is that they are very safe and do not come with the potentially serious side effects of HRT.

    I would also add that avoiding processed foods and sugar is also useful for maintaining a good hormone balance. Blood sugar problems brought on by eating highly refined foods can mimic and exacerbate all manner of hormonal problems.

    It is also worth noting that there is not one magic bullet that works for everyone and I include HRT in that. So it is important to be patient and keep looking for the right answer for your body. Do not forget that for most women the menopause passes with the minimum of fuss. If it is causing you trouble there are plenty of options and whilst it may not be pleasant at the time it is, of course, a self limiting phase of your life.

    I wish you all balance and hormonal harmony.

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