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    How Long After Taking CBD Can I Have A Drink?

    5 min

    Taking CBD Oil and alcohol together poses no risk at all. Of course, we'd recommend not going crazy with your alcohol consumption, as this can lead to alcohol addiction, but a few drinks here and there aren't going to harm you. Let's take a dive into CBD and alcohol and why there's no need to fear taking CBD oil and alcohol together!

    How Long After Taking CBD Oil Can I Drink Alcohol?

    One of the best things about CBD oil is that it is generally safe to take without any concerns about major side effects. So, when consuming CBD oil with alcohol, there are no adverse effects, other than the effects from the alcohol, of course.

    However, depending on your blood alcohol levels, the CBD you take may not have any effect at all. We'll cover this in more detail in a bit but keep in mind that while mixing alcohol and CBD isn't dangerous, it isn't too beneficial either.

    No matter if you're taking your CBD while consuming alcohol or not, we'd recommend taking the best CBD oil you can find. In our opinion, this is full-spectrum CBD oil. This contains the most cannabis plant extracts including essential oils, terpenes and other cannabinoids. In short, it has all of the stuff you want it to have. The other type of CBD that you'll commonly see is broad-spectrum CBD oils. This isn't as strong as full-spectrum CBD oil and can, in many cases, be a waste of money.

    CBD One's CBD oil is full spectrum. It is the highest-quality CBD oil on the market. We take pure CBD oil and add it to hemp oil as a carrier oil. This thins down the CBD and makes it easier to use. Many other companies making full spectrum, broad spectrum or CBD isolate use other much lower quality carrier oils to save on costs. These usually go bad quickly and leave a sour taste in your mouth!

    Does Drinking Alcohol Mean The CBD Won't Work?

    Mixing CBD and alcohol won't mean that you don't see the desired effects of the CBD. However, you may also see some side effects from the alcohol that can counteract any benefits you are hoping to see from the CBD. As you likely know, alcohol is a depressant. So, if you're using CBD to help with depression or anxiety, the alcohol may outbalance even the best CBD products.

    So, if you're taking CBD oil hoping for a certain outcome, you will need to monitor your alcohol intake. Combining CBD oil with a few drinks likely won't have an impact. However, if you experience alcohol cravings, or are addicted to alcoholic drinks, it is best to seek professional help to solve this issue. While mixing two substances like CBD and alcohol won't do you any harm, alcohol consumption won't do you much good either.

    How Long After Taking CBD Oil Can I Drink Water?

    CBD oil should be taken sublingually. This simply means you put the drops under your tongue where the oral blood vessels are very thin. The CBD passes into the bloodstream through these thin blood vessels.

    After a couple of minutes, the absorption will be complete and you may swallow whatever is left. Given that people tend to take just a few drops at a time you will barely notice what you are swallowing as it will be mixed with your saliva.

    Should you have a drink of water after taking CBD oil? Why not? The absorption occurs under your tongue. Once you have swallowed the drops the absorption is complete.

    There may be some residual CBD in your mouth but having a drink will have a negligible effect. However, if you have a dental problem such as a gum infection or a painful tooth, then I would swill the residual oil around your mouth for no better reason than it will do no harm.

    Once the CBD has passed through your blood vessels it goes on its journey to be metabolised by your liver. This is the process whereby your liver converts the CBD you have ingested into a cannabinoid that it can use to interact with your endocannabinoid system (ECS).

    Because it has passed into your bloodstream I would argue that having a drink of water, or anything else for that matter, will have no effect on the CBD. It certainly will not harm you.

    Can I Take CBD Oil With Water?

    You can take CBD with water but I wouldn’t recommend it. It will have a negative effect on your absorption. Firstly, oil and water do not mix so it will be an oily film on the top of the drink and secondly, this will prevent you from absorbing pretty much all the CBD.

    Taking CBD oil with water isn't a good idea. It won't do you any harm, but it won’t give you the health benefits you're hoping for from the CBD oil either. This is because it will have a negative effect on your body absorbing the CBD.

    If you aren't a fan of the taste of CBD, our advice would be to wait a few minutes for the absorption to take place, and then take a drink. This will give the CBD plenty of time to absorb, and then you can rinse your mouth with your drink of choice. However, if you really aren't a fan of the taste of CBD, you could look at our Water-soluble CBD You can add this to any drink you like and it is really power stuff!

    What Happens If You Swallow CBD Oil?

    CBD oil is remarkably non-toxic. There will be no problem swallowing it. A small number of people notice heartburn when they take it so maybe that group should let it absorb under their tongue and then spit the rest out. But I have seen this reported maybe five times in almost 7 years so it is very rare.

    Is It Dangerous To Swallow CBD Oil?

    It is not dangerous in any way to swallow CBD oil. It is many many times safer than taking one Ibuprofen which raises your chances of having a heart attack and a bleed in your stomach. CBD comes with no such risk.

    Does CBD Oil Work If You Just Swallow It?

    The problem with simply swallowing CBD oil is that it becomes even less bioavailable. There are companies who sell CBD capsules but approximately 3% of the CBD is taken up by the body. The rest is broken down and removed. This is a mighty expensive way to take CBD and, unfortunately, the same is true for CBD gummies.

    If you really want an effective product, keep the oil under your tongue or get our Absorb range which is designed to be swallowed in a drink.

    How Long Should You Hold CBD Oil In Your Mouth?

    Generally, two or three minutes should be long enough for optimum absorption. The longer you keep it under your tongue the more you will absorb but as your body produces saliva it will gradually be diluted to the point where there really is no point keeping it there. So, after two or three minutes, you can swallow or take a drink.

    In Conclusion

    CBD oil can be taken with alcohol without either reacting with the other. However, just remember that the alcohol may counteract any CBD supplements that you take. CBD oil should be held under your tongue for two to three minutes, then swallowed. You may have a drink after this with no bad effects.

    Why Not Add CBD To Non-Alcoholic Drinks instead?

    If you really want a powerful drink then take a look at our Absorb range. It has been designed to be efficient and effective when added to any drink. It gives you a powerful hit of CBD and all of the potential benefits you love without the alcohol effect afterwards!

    Or, if you prefer full-spectrum CBD oil, we stock the finest hemp-derived CBD products in the UK, so make sure to check out our entire CBD shop before you leave. 

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