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    Does CBD oil go bad?

    5 min

    Today, we're discussing CBD Oil's shelf life. Does CBD oil expire? Does CBD oil go bad? Does CBD oil go off? While we'd always recommend enjoying fresh CBD oil, if you've just found some high-quality CBD oil from CBD One in the back of your cupboard that you'd forgotten about and would like to know if it's safe to use, this is the article for you. Let's dive in, shall we?

    So, Does CBD Go Bad?

    Good quality CBD oil will go bad eventually. However, it does have an impressively long shelf life. In fact, we have examples of our CBD oil that has been around for over two years and is absolutely fine! Most CBD oils come with an expiration date that we'd recommend sticking to. The hemp plant (the CBD) itself holds up over time very well, but the carrier oils and other ingredients that many CBD companies use don't!

    CBD extract is normally a thick oily substance so a carrier oil is usually mixed with it to make it easier to use with a dropper. Some companies also add flavouring and other thinning agents to ensure they are maximising their profits!

    A good quality CBD oil should only contain the CBD extract and a carrier oil. At CBD One we use hemp seed oil because this comes from the seeds of the same plant as the extract. Other CBD oil companies use coconut oil, olive oil or even cooking oil, as well as flavourings to change the taste of the CBD.

    It is these additional ingredients that can make CBD expire earlier than expected in many cases. Other factors may include:

    • Storing CBD oil in incorrect conditions
    • The CBD being exposed to extreme temperatures
    • Not being stored in airtight containers
    • Light exposure
    • Extraction method (ethanol extraction, for example)

    All of these things and more can and do affect CBD shelf life. But what is the estimated shelf life of CBD? Let's cover that next, shall we?

    CBD Has a Long Shelf Life

    CBD oil products usually have a very long shelf life because CBD itself is very stable. In general, CBD oil expires in one to two years. However, the better the quality of the CBD oil you buy, the longer it will stay good.

    The quality of CBD oil can go down over the years. This is because the cannabinoids begin to break down, so any health benefits you were hoping to have, may not happen if you consume expired CBD oil. If your CBD oil has gone bad, it's best to buy a fresh batch and ensure you store it correctly. But how do you store CBD oil correctly? Let's tackle that now, shall we?

    Storing CBD Oil

    There is a reason our bottles are made from dark brown/amber glass. This colour protects the phytonutrients in the bottle from sun damage.

    The dark glass is important for helping the CBD stay potent for a long time. It protects CBD from going bad. If you have a CBD product in a clear bottle, this colour will change over time and the potency may also be affected.

    Proper storage should be at room temperature in a dark place, not the fridge. Preferably out of direct sunlight or even in a cupboard. Many of our customers store their CBD oil in the bathroom cupboard so that it's in easy reach in the morning.

    One important tip for storage to prevent losing your valuable CBD is to ensure the thread on the bottle where the dropper cap screws on is free from oil and that the top is screwed on securely after each use. If any oil remains on the thread, this can cause a leak, or cause the CBD to go bad quicker than normal.

    How to store water-soluble CBD products

    The rules are just the same as for CBD oil. Keep in a cool dry place away from extremes of temperature changes. But above all, the water-soluble products will change quicker than oil so please use them in good time before the best-before date.

    How to store CBD topicals and cream

    The rules are just the same for our patches and CBD face cream. Keep them in a cool dry place. This protects the phytonutrients from degrading too fast.

    How do I store CBD gummies?

    We have yet to venture into the world of CBD gummies. This is because it is a very inefficient way of taking CBD. Approximately 3% of the CBD is used by your body so you are paying to pee away 97% of what you have paid for.

    However, we recognise people do use them and like them so what about storing CBD gummies?

    Gummies should be stored in a cool, dry place too. If not, the heat will cause them to melt together into a giant, sticky mess. The light can also change the colour into a very unpleasing sight. Depending on the ingredients added to your gummies, storing them in the heat can also cause a rather unpleasant smell.

    Quality always counts

    The more care a farmer and the manufacturer takes the better your product will be and the longer it will last.

    Our CBD oils are the finest in the world. They are grown by a family of farmers who have four generations of experience to call upon. They are very stable so even if they are heading towards their best-before date they should still be fine and in all likelihood will be fine for a long time afterwards.

    Our groundbreaking water-soluble CBD products do change after a year or so. The CBD itself is stable and fine but their taste begins to alter so make sure you use them in good time. Take a look at our Absorb CBD range, and the other high-quality CBD oil products we create. If you want to start taking CBD more seriously, our products are here to help. Now for some CBD storage FAQs.

    Storing CBD Oil FAQs

    Why has my CBD oil changed colour?

    The colour of your CBD oil comes from the flavonoid compounds contained in it. These flavonoids have their own healthy properties so they are an important part of a good CBD oil.

    If you notice a change in the colour of your CBD oil it may be that there has been a slight degrading in the flavonoids. This is not a problem and will not affect the CBD itself. However, it may be a sign that it is not being stored well so be aware of this.

    It will also be a sign that you are perhaps not using the product much. So I would urge you to start using it to get the optimum benefits it can provide. It does not work languishing at the back of a cupboard!

    Is it harmful to take expired CBD oil?

    CBD oil that is past its best-before date should not pose any major risk. However, check the other ingredients on the bottle. The carrier oil may become rancid so will not taste nice. I suspect that it will do little harm but will not taste pleasant.

    Use your common sense and instinct when deciding if you should try an expired CBD product. If it smells bad and a small amount tastes bad then do not consume it.

    CBD oil does not become toxic as it ages. It may just become less potent but your nose and tastebuds will let you know if it is ok.

    What is the shelf life of CBD?

    Our products have a long shelf life. Most of them have a best before of two years and this is a very conservative time frame. They will last much longer than that. For other CBD brands, we can't really say. We'd recommend sticking to the best-before date on the bottle. The other ingredients they use, like poor-quality carrier oils and flavourings, can cause the CBD oil to go rancid much quicker.

    Does CBD oil go bad if not refrigerated?

    Do not put CBD oil in the fridge. Such a cold environment will mean the carrier oil may clog up and not flow very well. If you have put some in the fridge bring it out and allow it to get to room temperature before using it.

    CBD oil does not go bad if not refrigerated. It is a stable oil and will be fine, just like your cooking oils.

    How do you know if CBD is good?

    Have you stored it well? How long has it been kept? What is its use by or best before date? How does it smell? Feel free to taste a tiny amount. If it tastes okay, then it will be perfectly good to consume. If it doesn't, or you don't feel comfortable tasting it, give it a miss a buy a new bottle of good quality CBD oil that will last ages.

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