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    Why Fat Doesn't Make You Fat Or Clog Your Arteries

    3 min

    Does fat make you fat?

    No it does not! Okay? I really cannot make it clearer than that can I? The fat that you eat does not clog your arteries.

    If I got paid according to how many times I have had to explain to people why fat is not your enemy I would be a very rich man by now.

    Of course too much fat is not great for you – just like too much alcohol is bad for you and so is too much of anything else.

    There is no evidence on planet earth that shows that eating saturated fat causes heart disease. We have had a culture of corporate brain washing for the last fifty years by the food processing companies. This enabled them to convince us to start eating highly processed fats such as cheap and flavourless vegetable oils that were inedible. Using industrial processes they made these horror oils just about palatable whilst at the same time they targeted butter and saturated fat in meat and told us they were unhealthy.

    Sadly we fell for their trick – to the detriment of our health.

    We have been lied to and manipulated. Please do me a favour, and yourselves… stop telling yourself that a healthy diet involves low fat or no fat.

    In 2010 an analysis of 347,747 people in America concluded, “there is no significant evidence for concluding that dietary saturated fat is associated with an increased risk of Coronary Heart Disease or Cardio Vascular Disease.”

    This is not hocus-pocus nonsense folks. So stop worrying about the fat you eat. Get on with enjoying it!

    Another dangerous myth

    And whilst I’m on this subject please stop thinking cereal with skimmed milk is a healthy breakfast. It is not. Firstly because cereal causes subtle chronic inflammation in our body that causes damage to our arteries and joints.  To make this problem worse, it takes decades for this chronic inflammation to show as obvious damage. So, by the time we’re in our fifties and beyond and have arthritis we put it down to ‘our age’ when it is actually a result of subtle, chronic, food poisoning over decades.

    What evidence is there for the fact we should not be eating grains and cereals? Well that is easy…next time you are hungry go and take a walk in a field of wheat, oats or barley…then see if you can satisfy your hunger by eating the grain straight from the field. You’re more likely to break a tooth than sate your hunger since in its raw state all this grain is inedible. This is nature telling us to, “leave it for the birds!”. Yet we stupid humans grind it into a powder and make things from it…it is no different to any other processed food. So minimise your intake.

    A healthier alternative

    At this point I normally have people getting exasperated and complaining along the lines of, well, what can I eat for my breakfast? Come on folks, use your imagination! Eggs, avocado, kippers, yoghurt (full fat, not that feeble and foul low fat rubbish), nuts, the list is endless. Look at what your grandparents ate.

    Then of course we move onto the awful coloured water known as skimmed milk. Any idea what fat content is in full fat milk? 4%. Yes, just 4%! Semi skimmed is 2% - so you’re drinking an awful, tasteless white drink, which gives you no useful energy for your day to avoid drinking almost no fat anyway. We’ve all gone mad! Actually, we’ve all been conned.

    Fat, my friends, will not make you fat nor will it give you heart disease but will give you abundant energy for your day. Eat it and enjoy it!

    If you’re interested in developing better habits, learn how our range of CBD oils can help you to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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