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    CBD And Elbow Pain

    2 min

    Many elbow, forearm, wrist and hand injuries that I see in clinic are caused by repetitive strain injuries (RSI).

    Humans were not really designed for the hours and hours of tiny hand movements we now use every day in the modern workplace where we are surrounded by technology and keyboards to get our work done.

    Really we should be charging around forests and plains being far more physically active – and very rarely doing repetitive, fine tasks all day every day as we now do.

    This often shows up as elbow pain, sometimes tracking into our wrist and hand.

    This problem not only causes physical injuries but also confuses our nervous system so RSI problems involve not only helping the physical damage but also resetting the neurology. This is referred to as ‘the strain is in the brain’.

    Therefore, taking CBD while suffering from pain and must be complemented with a series of exercises to help repair and release the injured muscles and tendons but also encourage our nervous system to reset.

    Below is a series of exercises to follow if you want to begin taking control of your RSI and elbow pain. The exercises are also excellent for any form of elbow injury where there is a chronic strain such as tennis or golfer’s elbow. In addition, complement these with challenges to reset your neurology such as:

    Put different size coins in a bag or container that you cannot see into, place your hand in and try to guess what each coin is. If your RSI is particularly bad you may find this very difficult to start with.

    You can do a similar game with dominos, trying to guess how many dots are on each one.

    Do such guessing games every day and the following simple exercise routine as many times as you remember in a day – but at least three times a day. You should be able to make a considerable difference to RSI by doing this and using CBD products may also aid your recovery.

    RSI exercises

    Press fingers tips together until you feel a stretch in your hands. You may even feel it into your forearms. Maintain until you feel the tension of the stretch ease. Never force it into a painful stretch.

    Make a fist, hold your wrist to stabilise it. Now let your fist gently drop down, then push it up as if there is weight on top of it. Repeat 5 times.

    Still holding your wrist, make relaxed circles clockwise then anti-clockwise. Repeat 20 times.

    Finish with this powerful stretch. Go carefully, leaning forward reduces the stretch and leaning back increases it. Find the point of tension in your forearms and hold until you feel this tension ease.

    Repeat the above exercise 4 to 6 times a day and remember that stretching should never hurt so be gentle on yourself.

    In addition to these simple exercises, you can also help to maintain a healthy lifestyle with supplements like CBD oil.

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