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    I had a fascinating interview with famed Mancunian Crolla (as his friends call him!) who very kindly came up to my health food store in Garstang last week.

    Starting with his formative years and Italian ancestry we talked about life in Manchester and the influence of his father, himself a former boxing professional, who used to take him to the gym to train.

    I was interested to find out what creates the drive to get to the very top of a sport and Crolla eloquently explained how so much of his achievements came about through the strength of his will power. He identified how our body is always looking for the easy route out and that is when he would force himself to drive further progress.

    He paints a picture of being in the dressing room before a fight and how he would enjoy the moment and try to savour it as he came out and was faced with a crowd of thousands of people.

    What makes Anthony’s story more remarkable is how he overcame a serious injury when burglars he chased and caught up with fractured his skull using a piece of concrete.

    Yet, using herbs, nature and sheer determination he was able to recover and gain the WBA World Lightweight title in 2015.

    We also discussed how he does not like using medication and much prefers nature’s way and this instinctive knowledge has allowed him to have a healthy retirement.

    It is not every day one gets to meet someone so utterly focussed and yet so well rounded and kind. I’m sure this will come across as you listen to his amazing story.

    Connect with Anthony:

    Instagram: @ant_crolla86
    Twitter: @ant_crolla

    It was a delight and pleasure to chat with medical herbalist Danielle Kay MNIMH. Bsc (Hons) on the Working With Nature podcast.

    Based in East Lancashire, in the lovely town of Earby, Danielle has had a lifelong interest in natural health and wellbeing. 

    We discussed her early life and family influences and her wonderful Grandma who continues to live a full, vibrant life into her 90s.

    A move down to the Midlands for university life led to Danielle studying for a BSc in environmental science and this provided the opportunity for the chance of a lifetime as Danielle went on an adventure to the Amazon rainforest as a volunteer.

    She vividly describes life in that remarkable ecosystem and the amazing time she had there.

    Having finished her degree successfully there came a moment where she was at a crossroads in her life.

    Unsure what she was going to do next but inspired in part by becoming a mother, Danielle had a light bulb moment when she realised she wanted to train as an herbalist. 

    This led to her enrolling on a medical herbalist degree at the University of Central Lancashire which enabled her to move back to her beautiful home town of Barnoldswick.

    Several years of hard study later she qualified and began to build her practice. Danielle is now a member of The National Institute of Medical Herbalists.

    She offers tips on building a practice and a healthy dose of realism in that the path she chose does not automatically bring you an endless list of patients without a lot of effort and dedication.

    The term Earth Mother is perfect to describe Danielle as she believes in living sustainably and in harmony with nature and our resources.

    She works on permaculture projects and gives classes, now on zoom with the current COVID problems, to educate people in how to make their own permaculture gardens and allotments.

    We had so much to talk about that we only touched the surface so look out for future episodes where we delve into the wisdom and knowledge of the amazing Danielle kay!

    Connect with Danielle:

    Website: DanielleKay.co.uk
    Facebook: @DanielleKayMedicalHerbalist

    I was lucky enough to catch up with Sandy Holt recently.

    Sandy was a pioneer of Thai boxing in the 1970s in the UK and continues his work in the Thai boxing world today having founded Bolton Thai Boxing Club in 1983, which has a nationwide following.

    He has supported the north west England Kick Drugs campaign and is a member of the U.K. "Bully Free Zone" in education establishments.

    He has had numerous TV appearances on You Bet, Motormouth, James whale, Dear Nick, Big Breakfast, Look North West, Vanessa Feltz Chat Show and Kilroy.

    Sandy, a proud Boltonian, had a supportive, hardworking family and was taught values he still holds dear to this day.

    However, a traumatic time at school where he was younger and smaller than most of his peers led to several years of sustained bullying which even led to threats to his life if he told anyone.

    Such uncomfortable experiences provided a spur for Sandy to find ways to look after himself and he started to train in Martial Arts in 1974 learning styles such as Karate & Ju-jitsu, before getting involved in Muay Thai in 1977. 

    Sandy’s fighting career has been a successful one, gaining titles such as the British Lightweight, British All Styles & WMTA (World Muay Thai Association) European Superfeather weight Thai-boxing Champion.

    He eloquently describes the moments before walking into the ring for his final European title fight and outlines some of what it takes to become a high level athlete.

    Fitter and healthier than he has ever been we also touch upon how Sandy maintains his health today and how he tries to inspire others at his gym.

    Connect with Sandy:

    Website: ThaiBoxing.co.uk
    Facebook: @BTBC.Club.Page
    Instagram: @BoltonThaiBoxingClub

    Here at CBD One Towers we have a very popular health advice page in our ‘Info’ section on the website. This is where anyone can get in touch with me, your friendly neighbourhood osteopath, for free support and advice on health problems. 

    Combined with this I also do a live hour on Facebook most Wednesday evenings at 9pm on the Shinny Show Live where I answer questions and tackle all manner of health topics. 

    With both these initiatives proving to be very popular we decided we would broaden our scope to allow us to go into far more detail.

    So, we setup a podcast called ‘Working With Nature’

    Rather than stick to matters to do with our bodily health we decided to expand our horizons by looking at all things to do with health such as our environment, our community health, the health of our democracies , global health and indeed all things natural. 

    The format is quite simple, I interview someone who has some expertise in a particular field. We have lined up all manner of people from world famous athletes to GPs, osteopaths, nutritionists, yoga teachers, cannabis experts, breastfeeding experts and a whole host of other fascinating and knowledgeable people.

    This is a journey of discovery to help us all find a better, healthier way to be and aims to allow us to reconnect with the natural rhythms of life rather than see nature as separate from us all.

    In my work as an osteopath I get to listen to people’s life stories and find that everyone always has interesting and often remarkable tales to tell. This leads to a joyous job where I have learnt so much about life and people.

    The podcast allows me to expand this experience so that we can now share lots of interesting stories and lots of great information and advice.

    In my first interview I spoke with Mary Biles. She is a renowned cannabis journalist with an ear close to the ground on the latest developments on all things cannabis and CBD.

    She has written "The CBD Book: The Essential Guide To CBD Oil" which was published this year by Harper Collins. In this Mary helps readers navigate the often tricky world of CBD products and also refers to various scientific studies too. If you are unsure where to begin with cannabis then this is as good a place to start as any.

    In the interview process I like to start by discussing the life of my subject and we begin with Mary talking about where she was brought up and what she wanted to be when she grew up.

    Mary takes us through her early years towards how she stumbled across the fascinating world of cannabis through the experiences of a friend’s mother suffering from cancer.

    This very quickly led to a change of direction in her life with Mary becoming a determined and passionate writer and advocate for the many positive benefits of cannabis and CBD.

    Mary is on the frontline of the drive to remove the stigma of cannabis that was and is used to tarnish people’s views on this miracle plant.

    Connect with Mary:

    Website: Marybiles.com
    Twitter: @mary_biles

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