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5 min | Nick T
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    CBD Patches: Everything You Need To Know

    5 min

    Whilst the CBD market in the UK is still very young there have been many developments in new types of products. 

    You can now buy CBD gimmicks galore such as CBD beer, wine or bath bombs and a myriad of other things too. In the main these types of products are a clever marketing exercise with little efficacy when used. I do find it interesting that CBD is added to just about anything yet that is not the case for other vitamins. 

    I’ve yet to stumble across a vitamin D bath bomb for example! I wonder why this is the case with CBD? There is no doubt it has a wide range of effects but it can do that just by being taken as an oil such as in our Signature Blend products or as a water-soluble CBD like our Absorb range.

    At CBD One we aim to source only the finest quality CBD and only in ways we believe encourage good health. That is one of the main reasons we do not sell a vape product, because I’m not convinced that vaping is ‘good health behaviour’. Irrespective of comparing vaping to smoking cigarettes. It is also true that I have yet to find a high quality full spectrum vape oil, the only one I have tried made me feel sick.

    However, we now have an exciting and genuinely useful new way of delivering CBD that is both inexpensive and effective and that is CBD patches. These deliver a steady dose of CBD through your skin or what is known as the ‘transdermal’ route.

    What Are CBD Patches?

    Our CBD patches, called ‘Release’, can be placed on your skin and left in place for 36 hours. They are shower proof (though do not scrub them too hard in the shower) and gentle on your skin so should not irritate you at all. There are 30 patches in a pack which means you get approximately a 6 week supply of CBD if you use them every day.

    Each patch contains 15mg of pure CBD with absolutely no THC in them at all. This means if you have concerns over dope tests such as those that professional athletes face or have objections to THC (THC is the cannabinoid that can get you high and is classed as a narcotic) on other grounds, such as your religious beliefs or ethics then you are completely safe to use our Release patches. 

    Our patches are made from a CBD isolate. This simply means we have isolated the CBD from all the other compounds in the hemp plant and have used that entirely on its own. They are made from 100% pure CBD.

    This is one of the few times you will see an isolate CBD product being used by CBD One as for the most part we believe in working with nature which means using full-spectrum products wherever we can. Full-spectrum means we keep all the other compounds in hemp that create the entourage effect which is the synergy of all the cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids contained in hemp. This synergy makes it more potent and also gentle because it is a more natural product.

    Why Should I Use CBD Patches Instead Of An Oil?

    My view is that CBD patches are an excellent addition to how you are using CBD oil, so whilst they may well be useful for you I think they will be most useful when combined with another method of taking a full spectrum product. Of course, if you cannot take a full spectrum product because of the concerns outlined above then these patches are the perfect solution.

    If you cannot tolerate a full spectrum product, for whatever reason, then CBD patches are the ideal way to get benefits from cannabinoids. With zero THC in them you can be assured there will be no psychoactive effects and you will not be at any risk of failing a doping test.

    What Do CBD Patches Do?

    Because the patch remains in contact with your skin for 36 hours you will get a slow and steady release of CBD into your system. This means you do not have to worry about forgetting to take your oil or Absorb at a given time and you can also travel with confidence not having to remember to take your CBD bottle with you wherever you go.

    What Type Of Things Do The Patches Help With?

    I have tested our Release patches and the one thing I noticed was that I slept really well. In fact, I slept so well I started snoring and my wife had to nudge me to get me to stop! 

    I have been pleasantly surprised by the feedback my patients have given me when trying samples that I have handed out. One patient who I had been treating for bad neck pain noticed that she not only slept well but woke up with a brighter mood and said, “I woke without any problems whatsoever! Where can I get these from?” This surprised me because I felt it would not have as dramatic an effect as our full spectrum products, yet it did!

    I suspect that if you are cannabinoid deficient you will notice more effects from using CBD patches. How do you know if you have a cannabinoid deficiency? Well there are some common problems that can indicate your body’s internal cannabinoid system is out of balance such as, chronic pain, poor sleep patterns, anxiety and a low mood.

    How Do CBD Patches Work?

    Our skin can both excrete things that our body does not want such as toxins if our normal ‘waste disposal’ systems aren’t working properly and can also absorb substances. This is one of the reasons you should look very closely at all your personal hygiene products such as soaps and shampoos because they may well have toxic substances that get absorbed into your system.

    Knowing our skin can act as a way into our body we can use simple but clever technology to ensure we deliver CBD into your bloodstream via the skin.

    The benefits of this are that you get an affordable product and no waste. You also get a slow and steady delivery of CBD into your system to encourage it to balance and move towards better health.

    It also appears that your body is able to take what it needs from the patches so you cannot overdose from using them.

    Can You Get High When Using CBD Patches?

    None of the products we sell at CBD One will get you high because they contain almost none detectable levels of THC in them. However, because our patches are made using 100% CBD isolate there is not even a theoretical risk of you getting high. 

    The nearest you will get to a ‘high’ is the fact that it may lift your mood but it will certainly not alter your perception of the world and you will be able to drive or operate heavy machinery with no issues whatsoever.

    CBD One Release CBD Patches

    How Long Does It Take For CBD Patches To Work?

    This depends what you mean by work. The CBD will begin to enter your bloodstream within an hour of applying the patch. Will you notice or feel a difference? In my experience I would say if your body is lacking cannabinoids then you may notice a change quite quickly. However, if you are taking other medication from your doctor this may mean it takes longer for you to notice changes.

    In my osteopathic work I notice that the patients who take longer to respond to treatment are those that are taking large amounts of prescribed medication. These drugs are often very potent and are pushing and shoving your body in a direction they want it to go in, regardless of what your body is trying to do. This is where CBD products are much gentler as they are asking your body to find its balance which is not easy when so many drugs are causing physiological chaos in your body.

    Other lifestyle factors are important too. If you have poor nutrition or a sedentary lifestyle there is not a single substance on planet earth that can overcome the harm being caused to you by this. There is no magic pill that creates good health, be it something prescribed by your doctor or a natural substance. The most powerful way to find good health is with your own choices. 

    Of course, CBD can be a good way to encourage healthy choices as it is in itself a healthy thing to take. Therefore, will you notice a change? Hopefully yes and hopefully quickly but do not expect it to do all the work for you!

    Can You Shower With A CBD Patch?

    Yes you can. It is waterproof and should not come off but just take a little care when washing around the area where the patch is, do not be too aggressive with applying soap or scrubbing over the patch. Aside from that it is absolutely fine to shower or swim with a patch on.

    You do not have to do anything to prepare your skin before you apply the patch but I would ensure you have not used a moisturiser, muscle rub or barrier cream of any kind on the area where you are applying the patch.

    What Are The Side Effects Of CBD Patches?

    Just like all our CBD products there are very few side effects associated with them. Some people may notice they get a mild headache which simply means you have taken too much CBD too soon so lower your dose. I suspect this will be very rare with the patches since they are a slow release product.

    Other mild side effects may be that you feel tired or have loose bowels but, again, this is usually because you have taken too much CBD which is far less likely to happen if you are only using a patch.

    One area that may cause a problem is that the patch irritates your skin. Whilst care has been taken to ensure our patches are safe and effective, on rare occasions some people may get irritated skin. If this occurs for you it may mean you are better off using an oral CBD One product.

    How Do CBD Patches Make You Feel?

    Well the one thing I can guarantee is that they will not get you high. There is no THC in them at all. In the end, we do not know how they will make you feel because we all react differently depending on our current health state and sensitivity to cannabinoids.

    I slept better and my patient felt her mood lift. What will it do for you? Well there really is only one way to find out isn’t there? Try them!

    Do CBD Patches Work For Back Pain?

    As ever, this is a tricky question because there are so many factors involved in such a problem. Many people use CBD to try and alleviate their pain and it is far safer than using the opiate based painkillers that GPs may prescribe. In fact, we now know that these drugs are next to useless for such a problem anyway so don’t use them in the first place.

    I always want to know WHY you have got back pain? What has made your back go wrong? Prolonged sitting? A stiff upper back and tight hamstrings? Look for the causes of the problem and begin to correct them. Then CBD may well have a role in helping you but it cannot eradicate lifestyle factors that cause the problem.

    By the way, this does not mean there is blame attached to lifestyle factors, it is all about empowering you to take control where you can. I like to be able to explain why a patient has a problem so they can be involved in their own recovery. The hardest patients to fix are those that expect to be made better without contributing to their own recovery.

    What Are The Benefits Of CBD Patches?

    One of the simplest benefits is that you do not need to remember to take your CBD. You are getting a steady release for at least 36 hours.

    There is also no wastage or spillage because the CBD is delivered efficiently through your skin.

    You can apply the patch directly to the site of an injury if you wish but you don’t have to.

    It is an excellent way to supplement your use of a full spectrum product. In fact, it may help your oils last longer because you may not need to take as much of a full spectrum product whilst you are using the patches too.

    If you have objections to even tiny, trace amounts of THC then our patches are 100% CBD so are safe for you to try without any risk of failing doping tests or going against your beliefs and ethics.

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