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CBD and medication

A very common question that many people ask is whether CBD interacts with any of the medication they are taking.

There is an easy to follow rule which I shall discuss later, however, there is very little evidence about CBD and medication so the important thing to bear in mind is that if you are taking any medication prescribed by a doctor you must always go with safety first.

Speak to your doctor – they may or may not be able to offer objective advice. There is precious little, if any, education for doctors in the mainstream health system regarding cannabis products so they may know less than you do but there is no harm in asking.

It is worth noting that CBD products are very safe to take compared to much over the counter medication Tweet: CBD Fact: CBD products are very safe to take compared to much over the counter medication. https://ctt.ac/ugLG3 – a simple example being that around 3000 people a year die in the UK from taking Ibuprofen. This does not happen with CBD. In fact, I think it is safe to say that no one has ever died from an overdose of cannabis in the history of humanity!

One estimate I’ve seen is that you would need to take 1.5 tonnes of cannabis in twenty minutes to overdose on it – you are actually in more danger from having 1.5 tonnes of cannabis dropped on you.

There is some evidence that CBD interacts with an enzyme called cytochrome P450. This enzyme helps your liver process and remove certain medications from your body. CBD appears to inhibit this enzyme, in other words, it slows down the action of it.

Therefore, the most important piece of knowledge you need to acquire regarding your medication and CBD is – does your medication need cytochrome P450 to remove it from your system.

Finding this out is actually very easy because there is another commonly taken food that also interferes with this enzyme and that is grapefruit.

All you have to do is check the literature with your medication – if it says do not drink grapefruit juice when on this medication you can extend that to say ‘do not drink grapefruit juice or take CBD when on this medication.’

Once you have established this you have to decide either that you will stay on your standard medication or speak to your medical team about coming off the medication so you can try CBD. Be aware that very few medics know much about CBD – they are simply not taught about cannabinoids in their training. This means you may well know more than they do.

I have encountered all manner of reactions from medics from blatant prejudice based on no knowledge of the facts to others who are very interested and willing to encourage their patients to try something that may help them. Do talk to your GP/consultant and do ask what their knowledge is, you may be pleasantly surprised.

You can’t catch a cold!

Keeping out the winter bugs

We are rapidly hurtling towards another wintry festive season – as ever my first thoughts tend towards the, ‘where on earth did that year go?’ type of thing!

This time of year I hear people tell me that there is this or that bug going around, making everyone ill. Therefore, I felt compelled to touch upon why this idea is way off the mark.

Did you know it is nigh on impossible to make someone catch a cold? Scientists have tried to induce colds in people so they can study them and they cannot make anyone catch a cold. Not a single person!


So what exactly is going on? Well first of all we have to look at the symptoms of a cold – a runny nose, streaming eyes, a cough, sneezing and possibly a raised temperature. These are symptoms of a body ridding itself of something toxic. It is removing that which it does not require or that may cause harm.

Those symptoms are signs of a healthy body doing its job – so DO NOT take medication that stops these things happening – all that does is prevent the cleansing and lead to further trouble down the line.

The next step is to understand that at any one time our body has at least 400 viruses in it but we are not ill. That is because providing our immune system is functioning well it can deal with all these viruses and keep them in their place. Viruses and bacteria are kept in balance by good immune systems.

This means we do not have to live in fear of bugs and germs as so many people now obsess about these days, in fact, steady exposure to lots of bacteria and viruses makes our body stronger.

Anyway, moving on, we can perhaps work out that if our immune system drops or becomes inefficient then one of these viruses, that come from within, can take hold. The delicate balance of our system tips and we start to exhibit the cold symptoms because our body desperately tries to restore balance by removing excess viruses and bacteria.

So a cold is actually a cleansing action from an imbalance. This is why, if you have had a long weekend overindulging (will anyone be doing that anytime in December I wonder?) come Monday morning you have a lousy cold. It is a simple response to excess intake of toxins, a depleted tired immune system and an imbalance in our system.

This also explains why it is common to get a spring cold, or an end of the summer cold – it is the body carrying out a cleansing of the system!

Therefore – you cannot catch a cold other than by your own behaviour affecting your internal environment.

Hang on I hear you say, what about when I was told to where a coat in winter or I’d catch a cold…and I did!

Well, the explanation for this is that going out in cold weather without wrapping up warm is actually not a very clever thing to do as this puts enormous stress on your body to stay warm – this stress then depletes our immune system and away we go – so there is some truth in this but it is not because a bug was lurking in a darkened corner waiting to pounce on you! It was inside all along.

Of course, there are simple things you can do to help your immune system stay strong such as taking echinacea when you feel a cold coming on. Some people prefer to take it all the time over the winter. High dose vitamin C is also useful. Interestingly, keeping your digestive system in order has a powerful effect on your immune system so taking a good quality probiotic such as Immunbiotix by Quest or drinking kefir can also help. This is even more important if you’ve had antibiotics recently – it is a bizarre phenomenon that antibiotics will weaken your immune system if you take them for an infection. Do not forget most infections will be dealt with without the need for antibiotics – they are last resort weapons, not front line instant use meds.


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