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Welcome to CBD One and welcome to my little blog! Every month or so I shall endeavour to discuss the wider aspects of maintaining good health. From the myths and deliberate misinformation of some mainstream thinking to the more natural view of how your body works and how it responds to threats and disease.

I have worked for many years in the natural health field and advise my patients how to learn that they hold the key to good health in their own hands. It does not require a doctor or medic for you to be healthy. Of course, our health system has a vital role to play in helping us in times of need but it is my aim to educate you so that you do not have to always go knocking at your GP’s door.

We can start with this simple fact – the best way to not become ill is to be healthy. Of course, modern life throws many insults at our mind and body which mean it is not always easy to be healthy.

However, it is actually remarkably simple to ask your body to be healthy. There are only a few aspects one has to take care of to encourage good health.

Nutrition. You are what you eat. There are many nuances in this area that I can address over the coming months and years but rule number one in this field is: do not eat processed food, and for the record I consider bread, pasta and most cereals to be processed foods. Oh, and do not forget rule number two which is an extension of number one: do not consume sugar, or at least limit it severely. Your plate of food should be a rainbow plate of many colours.

Use your body. Your body is a moving machine and thrives on movement. We are made mainly of water and consider for a moment the difference between a flowing stream and a stagnant pond. The same is true for your body. Move it every day. An extension of this is to take care of your body’s structure both through exercise and getting experts (like we osteopaths) to check that it functions well every now and then. People happily get their teeth checked up by the dentist every six months – well what about the rest of your body surrounding your teeth?


Your environment. By this I mean both the physical and social aspects of living. Is your home clean and uncluttered? Do you interact with other people or are you isolated or lonely? Your environment may be difficult to change as it can be subject to many external factors but learning to manage this can help. Do you practice good hygiene? Such as brushing your teeth twice a day – I’m always amazed when my dentist friends tell me how many people do not do such a basic thing. By the way, good hygiene does not involve using antibacterial sprays, which are effectively an antibiotic – throw them all out please. One of the biggest mistakes of modern medicine, in my humble opinion, is to have declared war on bacteria – the very things which give us life.

You will notice from the above that there is no mention of taking medication. Drugs of any kind are not necessary for good health. Nor is there mention of worrying about such things as bacteria and bugs (what are these bugs that apparently do the rounds every year?) which apparently are floating around waiting to make us ill (they’re not!). I will go into more detail on all these subjects and many more but for now please have a good look around the CBD One website which is bursting with lots of information and keep an eye out for my next blog in the weeks to come.

Be happy.


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