Do not give us our daily bread!


Here’s the bad news: Sorry folks but the game is up for eating bread. ALL bread, never mind the “I only eat wholemeal” nonsense.


Here’s the good news: You can freely eat butter, cream, grass fed meats, cheese, vegetables galore smothered in melted butter and seasoned to perfection! Yum.


We know that cholesterol protects you from dementia and Alzheimers disease – that’s enough to make you choke up and throw away those awful statins I hope! And as you get older what we are told is ‘bad’ cholesterol actually protects us from heart disease!


Back to the bad news – bread and cereals, pastas, biscuits and cakes etc etc quite simply cause your brain to become inflamed. Yes, your brain is on fire!


And basing your diet on these foods as your staple diet causes rises in blood sugar which actually make your brain shrink and contribute to neurological diseases and diabetes.


Within this bad news there is hope – many people live in fear of developing Alzheimers or dementia – but we now know that turning your back on this food and increasing your intake of good fats and proteins will mean you are massively loading the dice in your favour. Nevermind the idea of looking for a cure for these diseases – your behaviour will mean you will not need a cure because you are ensuring it will not develop in the first place.


And if you do not believe me get hold of a wonderful book called “Grain Brain’ by Dr David Perlmutter that concisely explains all the evidence to show we need to turn our back on all these cereals and grains.


A tiny amount of grain is no big deal but I’m afraid the modern westerner eats it for breakfast, lunch and with their evening meal in some form or another and it is this that is causing devastating effects on your body and nervous system and brain.


It is also worth noting that if you have depression, ADHD, OCD or any number of other mental health issues there is also very good evidence to show that removing gluten from your diet can make a profound difference. Even if you have been shown to be able to tolerate gluten it seems it doesn’t do much good for any of us.


You can also begin to help the problems associated with these disorders by eating fermented foods every day such as kefir and sauer kraut. Take a regular probiotic such as pro-cognitiv by Nature’s Aid (it has specific good bacteria and vitamins that aid mental health). Don’t forget also that a regular intake of cannabinoids from high quality full spectrum plant extract contained in all our CBD products here at CBD One is useful to maintain a healthy lifestyle.



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